Why move?

Well it’s pretty obvious: we were designed to move, because moving means survival. Back in the day when the human species came about this movement was so that we could avoid danger, find food and find a mate.

It’s pretty much the same now but the environment has eased up a bit, and that’s the problem!

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Move it or lose it

It’s so easy not to move much now because there isn’t much danger, food is everywhere and gets delivered to your house and you can even find a mate from the comfort of your sofa.

But there are so many life advantages to moving, even now, because our bodies haven’t caught up with technology. They’ve evolved over millions of years to be moving machines, and if they don’t move they break down.

What are the advantages of moving lots?

OMG where to start!! There are so many advantages to moving and exercising:

  • Burning more energy, namely fat.
  • Working the heart. The heart is muscle and shrinks with lack of use like any muscle. Conversely it GROWS with good use and gets really efficient.
  • Working the lungs. Tune in to your breathing right now, I bet it’s really shallow. By moving around you’ll breathe more deeply, your lungs will fill with oxygen and that life-giving oxygen will circulate around your body giving you energy and literally keeping you alive better!
  • Production of more of the good cholesterol – HDL – this is the one that mops up cholesterol that’s hanging around where it shouldn’t and takes it back to your liver for proper use.
  • Reduction of inflammation. The inflammation that happens inside you when stressed, poorly fed, sleep deprived, alcohol-soaked, pollution-soaked and generally pranged up with lifestyle.
  • Increase in happiness. Exercise and activity produces happy chemicals, endorphins, and really lifts mood.
  • Stronger bones and muscles, which you’ll thank yourself for as you age. Have you seen older people hobbling about because they’ve lost muscle and yes they’ve actually lost bone too.
  • Better skin. Getting blood flowing and getting into the fresh air and getting a sweat on will help take nourishment to your skin. Lack of activity shows in people’s skin eventually.
  • Better brain. Exercise stimulates brain connections helping neurotransmitters to do their job more efficiently. Brain cell turnover is very limited, you need to do all you can to nurture brain health.
  • Reduced risk of chronic diseases including diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.
  • Better sleep. Moderate exercise stimulates sleep and by taking the blood to the skin surface it reduces core temperature which is a big factor in good sleep.
  • Pain reduction. The chemicals released during exercise can have a powerful effect on pain, reducing it significantly.

Moving is the most amazing and powerful natural medicine.

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