Why being active matters

Combining healthy eating with regular activity is the best thing you can do for your health, ever.

Losing weight without taking exercise is like getting new doors for your kitchen cupboards but leaving them a right mess inside!

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Why being active matters


While what you eat has the biggest effect on your weight loss (it’s about 80/20 diet/exercise) exercise is absolutely vital for good health.

Think of your body as a race car. Its engine is what really makes it special. Your engine is your muscles, your vital organs and circulatory system; and it’s these that need good quality fuel and regular use to run efficiently.

You can lose fat but still have underdeveloped muscles and poor organ function and circulation – that’s like making a great-looking race car lighter but then giving it the engine of a lawnmower. It might need less fuel but it wouldn’t be fit for purpose.

Put function above form, every time.

The more muscle you have the more energy you will burn, even when sleeping or sitting. The more you let your muscles shrink (and that happens *really* quickly) the less food you’ll need and the more easily you’ll get fat.

We’re not talking hours in the gym weight-training here!

The best advice is to generally be more active

Don’t drive if you can walk, don’t walk if you can run, don’t take the lift or escalator if there are stairs. Lift your own bags, forget wheelie suitcases 🙂

Anything where you have to move your body against resistance will work.

For instance, cycling is an aerobic and a strength exercise, it gets you breathing hard but it also builds the major muscle groups in the lower body. Swimming means you have to resist the water and is great for upper body toning and brilliant for heart, lungs and circulation.

You can also do some own-body-weight exercises such as push-ups, squats and lunges, planks and tricep dips. Try adding a few of these exercises to the end of an aerobic workout.

No need to do everything at once though, just start gradually and do something for 15 minutes, once you get the buzz you’ll love it!

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