Weight loss resistance and stress

I’m not a great supporter of the “I can’t lose weight, and I hardly eat!” situation – most people are eating more than they’re remembering, or secretly eating and not admitting it.

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But I’ve worked a small, number of people who, whatever you do, do not lose weight. By weight I mean body fat (and they don’t shift on the scales either). Out of the hundreds of clients I’ve worked with these people are in a tiny minority.

Stress and lifeload

In all cases the person has a crazily-busy, full-on life. What I see is an extremely stressful life but to them it feels normal. It involves early mornings, very late nights (ergo, lack of sleep), loads of travelling, high-powered job, exercise and in a lot of cases parenting too.

Weight-loss resistance

There is a ‘condition’ called weight loss resistance, it’s brought about by a number of factors, but big one is adrenal fatigue, which creates a hormone imbalance, affecting levels of:

  • Thyroid (controls metabolism)
  • Leptin & ghrelin (hunger control hormones)
  • Insulin (affects fat storage)
  • Cortisol (abdominal fat distribution)

You often find these people have a waist circumference and waist to hip ratio placing them in the danger zone for heart disease, high blood pressure, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. Their adrenal hormones are causing them to store abdominal fat.

Something has to change

The problem is that people don’t want to, or think they *can’t* change their lifestyle, but what’s more important, health and longevity or work? It’s a hard question but a critical one. At the very least people need to plan regular time out, re-work their lives so they get more rest, tone down the exercise and be active in more simple and relaxing ways such as walking in nature.

It’s very clear that our emotional and work lives – lifeload and stress  levels – can affect our fat storage and health. Seems like a no-brainer hey?

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