Vitamins. What even are they?

It’s surprising to know that vitamins were only discovered in the early 1900s; so while we humans have evolved with them for thousands of years, these compounds are a relatively new area of science.

Beetroot slices – packed with vitamins!

What are vitamins?

Vitamins are groups of molecules that are necessary for health and perform certain functions in the body. We have to get them from food because the body can’t make them.

The relatively new science aspect of vitamins makes it all the more worrying that so many people turn to pills and potions, sometimes on the back of a self diagnosed deficiency, rather than getting nutrients from real food. It’s such a young area of knowledge that we can’t hope to know enough about it yet to self-diagnose and take these isolated compounds in pill form.

Apart from the fact that real food comes packaged as a complementary set of nutrients, where one nutrient gives another a hand, we still don’t know if there are other beneficial and complementary compounds in whole foods that are yet to be discovered. So picking out a single vitamin, or a group of them, and swallowing them in tablet form is like saying to nature “Pah! What do you know?!”

I’d be inclined to trust nature and evolution over a capsule I buy from the supermarket any day.

Unless you have a medically diagnosed deficiency then buying and taking vitamin pills and liquids is stabbing in the dark and can even be dangerous in as much as too much of one thing can affect the absorption or effects of another.

Real food is what we evolved to eat.

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