Up your Summer game

So it’s the height of Summer. There are so many things about summer that help you stay bang on top of your health and happiness that this week is a Tips of the week.

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Up your Summer game
  • Lighter nights mean you can walk after dinner which is a top class way of feeling less bloated, helping food to digest and burning some of it off. Not to mention the calming effects of walking, better than Eastenders.
  • It’s a lovely time to take up running or to get your bike out and at the same time get vital vitamin D from the sun (without getting sunburn of course).
  • School holidays are a brilliant chance to switch some of your days to two meals or have your main meal at lunchtime; having brunch and dinner once or twice a week is good practice, and eating your main meal at lunchtime means you burn more of it off before bedtime. Our Nutrition for Everyone plan show you how to do brunch and dinner at weekends, giving you more time to play outdoors!
  • An abundance of beautiful seasonal veg and fruit means your diet gets a huge boost from more freshness and diversity.
  • You have that incentive of continuing to fit nicely in to your swimmers and shorts.
  • You might go abroad or somewhere where the food is different, so you’ll get to try some amazing new foods and come back with refreshed tastes and ideas.
  • Time to enjoy lazy picnics. Have a good brunch then pack up a fitnat-style picnic tea and head out on foot to some natural greenspace. Take a bat and ball!
  • Get going on the garden. Summer days give you a chance to get to grips with your veg plot, shrubs and plants. Gardening is an enjoyable and calming way of getting some all-round exercise.

September will soon be around, so grab this next few weeks and make them your fittest and healthiest ever, you’ll go into autumn feeling energised and happy.

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