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The kitchen is closed

You know how it is, you’ve had dinner but it was three or four hours ago and you just fancy something nice so you go on a snack foray to the kitchen. Out comes the toaster, maybe some crisps, a bit of cheese and/or a few squares of chocolate. All harmlessly small eats, right?


The kitchen is closed

Let’s say you ate just 30g of cheddar every night for 2 weeks while you were waiting for the kettle to boil. That would be almost 1,700 calories you’d eaten without even noticing. It wouldn’t have made you less hungry, it was just a recreational nibble. Keep it up for a month and you’d gain a pound of body fat without even trying.

But what can you do?

You can’t change the fact that the kitchen is joined on to your house and it has tempting food in it.

Imagine it’s a restaurant, with opening hours. It serves dinner then closes. The staff go home (you!) and everything is locked up except tea bags and a little jug of milk, cos everyone needs tea.

Even hang a closed sign up if it helps give you that ‘end of eating’ signal.

You wouldn’t walk into a restaurant kitchen and keep helping yourself to food, you’d be worried about what people would think. So don’t do it in your own house either – cos we all know this stuff is clandestine, we do it when no one is looking then pretend we hardly eat anything – yep I do it too 😣

The kitchen will soon re-open for breakfast!

Do you want better health?

The Nutrition for Everyone plan will help you maximise the essential nutrients your body needs for robust health.

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