Take Ten

September can feel like a refreshing new start, a bit like January 1st but with nicer weather and lighter warmer nights! So last year we introduced Freshtember to help people embrace the month, kick off the summer rubble and head into autumn feeling more free and with a happy healthy vibe.

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Take Ten

Freshtember is all about grabbing our weekly Nutrition for Everyone plans with both hands, loving them and all their beautiful easy food, and about getting outdoors for a little while every day and making your precious heart beat faster.

Enter ‘Take Ten!’

What even *is* this lovely sounding Take Ten!?

OK, so don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you you have to run 10km five times a week or go to the gym or anything heavy like that, all you have to do is get active for ten minutes every day. You can do one Take Ten or a few each day, or start with one and build them up. Whatever suits you is good. Don’t listen to people who say exercise doesn’t help weight loss, they’re party poopers 🙂 All activity burns energy but better than that it makes you feel good and makes your body work and feel better. If you do just ten minutes a day that’s 70 mins more activity a week than you were doing before.

The UK NHS has recognised the benefit of ten minutes of activity and it has its own app you can use in conjunction with your Nuush plans and support.

How to get happily active for just ten mins

The easiest and most convenient thing is to walk. If you like try lining up three favourite songs, stick your earphones in and walk out and back til they’re finished. Walking for ten minutes after a meal or before breakfast feels lovely, helps digestion and gives you a little bit of calm and respite from the day. Sometimes you even meet people and chat! It’s brilliant. You can weave it into a school run or commute. I used to drive the 2.5 miles to school and walk back each day then walk up later and drive home, wonderful. Or you can get off the bus or train one or two stops earlier and walk the rest.

Other stuff you can try:

  • Skipping with a rope, or just skipping along 🙂 Come on guys!
  • Putting some music on and dancing.
  • Doing jumping jacks and running on the spot in the garden (it’s only ten mins).
  • Using that bit of exercise equipment you hang your dressing gown on, we all have one.
  • Bouncing on the children’s trampoline.
  • Riding your bike.
  • Yes *that*. Gotta be energetic though 😉

But let me just remind you, WALKING IS EASIEST TO FIT IN!

How fast or hard should I go?

When you’re walking imagine you’re late for an appointment that’s a mile away but you only have 10 mins to get there. You should walk briskly and with meaning. Each ten minute bout of whatever activity should get your heart pumping and make you a bit breathless. If you think that sounds horrible remember it’s really only ten mins of your day.

How will you know we’ve done it though Sal?

I trust you. But I’d love you to use Facebook and Instagram you can add the hashtag #NuushTake10 on Insta or post pics in our FiveGoWild Facebook group. The main thing is that you do it, and YOU know you’ve done it, and you feel better for doing it.

And here’s a free tip

You have to do it, not just read this article 🙂

“No job”No job is complete until the selfie is posted.”

Ashok Kallarakkal
Take Ten
Sal, after dinner.

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