Switch from dieting to good habits

We’ve all seen it or done it. People who lose lots of weight then a year later they’re back to where they started, or fatter. They dieted rather than switched to good habits and healthy eating.

Switch to better habits

Dieting can last a lifetime, with people ranging between weights and never maintaining a healthy weight. Yo-yo dieting. A lifetime of angst and new regimes; a wardrobe full of different sizes of clothes; fat days, thin days… aaarghhhh. Nobody needs this!

Chill – you can enjoy great food, forever.

You can stay at a healthy weight*, forever. You can say goodbye to strange regimes, counting calories and points, not eating carbs and all those awkward things. You can have an easy and happy relationship with food.

But what do you need to practise loads at the start?

*We absolutely do believe, based on robust clinical evidence, that health is attached to weight, or more importantly body fat percentage.

Good habits

We tend to learn by repetition.

So when we’re learning to speak, we have words repeated to us time and again til we ‘get’ them and they’re second nature; we tend not to be confronted with extra words every couple of hours, it’s kept simple.

When we learn to drive it all seems awkward and disjointed but soon enough after practising the gears and pedals over and over again we do it without even thinking. It’s exactly the same with eating. But if you keep going from first gear to third gear and missing out second, you never will get properly good driving skills, and you’ll fail your test.

Same if you keep having that piece of toast at 10pm, or that bottle of wine on a Saturday night or that bag of crisps and bar of chocolate with lunch every day. You’ll only break the habit if you stop, and you’ll only get new, good habits if you start.

They say it takes 30 days to forge a habit but we’ve noticed it takes our clients 20 weeks on average. So that’s from now ’til May 2019. Which sounds daunting but it’s not, because we make it enjoyable with the Nutrition for Everyone plan! We deliberately prescribe tasty easy food so that you enjoy getting the new habit. If you enjoy something you learn better! Plus it’s more sustainable.

We want to teach you a new language, the language of health, it’s as important as learning to speak.

Thank you for reading this article. Please note that while we share a lot of awesome information and research you should be aware our articles are strictly for informational purposes and do not constitute medical advice intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.

Cover photo by mtweb from Pexels.

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