Remember what you’ve eaten

Can you remember everything you’ve eaten in the last 24 hours? I mean really remember. I know I can’t because I don’t necessarily clock it as I go along.

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Trouble is, when you’re trying to lose weight it’s important that you’re conscious of what’s going down, and that you don’t forget it and mistakenly think you haven’t eaten much. Next time you reach for a snack just take a few secs to go over what you’ve already had, like that nice filling fitnat breakfast and lunch. The high probability is that you’ll have already eaten all you physically need.

You know like those nibbles of stuff, the teaspoon of peanut butter while the kettle boils, the piece of toast before bed, the half pack of crisps the kids left, the leftovers after dinner? Or the latte you had in town, or the glass of wine while cooking? They all add up massively over the week and can easily amount to a whole day’s energy, but they’re all things you don’t need and don’t remember.

And that’s when we hear people say “I’m not eating much but I can’t lose weight.”

Be aware. Be smart. Achieve.

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