This has everything! Phytonutrients, fibre and BEAUTIFUL flavours. Perfect for breakfast lunch, dinner or brunch.

I like to add tomato purée and ripe baby tomatoes to shakshouka to deepen the flavour, and a pinch of sugar really brings out the sweetness and helps to balance the spices. Poaching the eggs separately takes away the lottery of trying to cook them in the mixture, which invariably ends up with hard yolks and undercooked whites.

This is great with some wholegrain sourdough (Nuush clients follow the guide on your plan when it comes to bread or pure naked shakshouka!)

If you’re vegan or don’t like eggs sub with 150g chickpeas each – heat them in a pan with olive oil and chilli.


  • extra virgin olive oil
  • large red onion diced chunkily
  • level teaspoon of garlic paste
  • 2 large red peppers, deseeded and diced chunkily
  • 6-8 juicy and ripe large-but-baby tomatoes, halved
  • 400g of tinned of quality tomatoes such as Mutti – cheap ones won’t do here
  • large squeeze of tomato purée
  • teaspoon of paprika
  • teaspoon of ground cumin
  • half a teaspoon of chilli flakes
  • sea salt
  • course ground black pepper
  • 2-4 free range organic eggs (1 or 2 each, depending on hunger
  • chopped fresh coriander or basil
  • 200g of feta, crumbled

Nuush clients: Please apply the portion sizes stated in your account and divide the recipe so that you make only as much you need.


Put a saucepan of plain water on to boil for the poached eggs.

Fry the onion and garlic in plenty of olive oil, in a large frying pan,  until the onion softens but doesn’t brown. Now add the chopped peppers and halved tomatoes and fry for a few mins til a bit softened and squidged. Add the chilli flakes, sugar, cumin and paprika and a couple of LARGE pinches of sea salt, and cook for another 2-3 mins before adding the tinned toms and the purée.

Now pop a lid on the frying pan and leave to simmer for 5 mins, or a bit longer if you have time. Mean time poach the eggs – you need very fresh eggs for a good poached egg – no swirling, no vinegar, just plop the eggs into rolling boiling water and if they are fresh they will sort themselves out. Otherwise, if not fresh, fry them.

To serve, halve the tomato mix and place into two large shallow bowls, now nestle the eggs in on top, crumble the feta over and scatter the fresh herbs. Finish with a bit more sea salt and course-ground black pepper and drizzle more olive oil for good measure.


Shakshuka recipe UK
Shakshuka recipe UK

Nutrition Info


Eggs are little packages of nutrition. They provide vitamin A, vitamin D, all the B vitamins, folic acid, and are a rich source of selenium (for thyroid function) and iodine as well as many other minerals. They are an excellent source of choline which helps our cells and nerves to signal, as well as with healthy construction of the cell walls.

Good honest nutrition

Not every hen lays eggs. Not every hen that lays eggs gets them hatched. Not everyone born with greatness becomes as such. Go, hatch your eggs.

Israelmore Ayivor

Portion Guidelines

Instead of living with the bore of weighing food, counting points or calories and tapping everything you eat into a phone you can use nature’s custom-designed tool – your hands!

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