Lemon and blueberry porridge

I bought some immensely gorgeous Sicilian lemons in Lidl yesterday; lumpy, bumpy, big and beautiful and with attached greenery. Almost too good to eat. They inspired me to make a lemony porridge and what better to go with it but blueberries – because blueberries benefit from a sharp accompaniment.

You can look up a recipe to make your own lemon curd (very easy) or you can buy some beautiful ready-made stuff. I bought Wilkin & Sons lemon curd as it’s particularly lovely-looking-and-tasting.

The zest really adds something; in fact here’s a lot going on with this bowl of goodness. Creamy porridge, zingy lemon, juicy bluebs, bitey zest, nutty flax and smooth cream. It’s not to die for but is TO LIVE FOR.

Prep time: 3 mins
Cook time: 7 mins
Servings: 1
Servings: 1


  • 40-60g of organic porridge oats and enough whole milk to make your porridge to the consistency you like
  • 1 heaped teaspoon of lemon curd
  • the juice and zest of half a big lemon
  • a squeeze of clear honey, such as acacia or Greek
  • a handful of frozen blueberries
  • a heaped teaspoon of ground flax
  • a swirl of cream (optional)

Not sure what else to do with lemon curd?

  • Stir into Greek yoghurt and add nuts, seeds and berries or passion fruit.
  • Make our Lemon berry overnight oats
  • Spread on sourdough toast with crunchy peanut butter
  • Serve with pancakes, berries and creme fraiche
  • Add a bit to our limoncello ice cream



Make the porridge by mixing the milk, lemon curd, lemon juice and honey in a saucepan while heating and stirring until it thickens.

In a separate pan heat the blueberries with another squeeze of lemon.

Serve the berries on top of the porridge, in a nice bowl, and sprinkle on the flax and zest.

Add a swirl of cream if you like it – this is not an everyday decadence 🙂


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Have you ever seen such lovely lemons?

Nutrition Info


Oats are particularly high in manganese which is great for healthy bone formation, healthy skin and helping to control blood sugar. Oats are a wholegrain, that means the good stuff hasn’t been removed. Wholegrains are an important source of B vitamins and fibre.

Oats are a great source of the soluble fibre called beta-glucan. That’s what makes porridge kinda viscous and it stays quite viscous as it passes through you, sweeping up any excess cholesterol as it goes. A happy gut is at the heart of good health!

Oats do a special thing – as they pass through your intestine their bulk presses against its muscly walls. It presses back in response and by doing so its muscles get stronger. Oats are literally like a sparring partner for your digestive tract!

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