Garlic-mushroom no-cheese pizza

I tasked myself with creating a no-cheese mushroom pizza to put on our new vegan nutrition plans. I wasn’t sure about the idea; it seemed too simple, I mean, no tomato sauce and no cheese, A VEGAN PIZZA! Is this even a pizza??

Boy was I wrong. This is bloody gorgeous. Plenty of onion and garlic, olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, some dried and fresh herbs. Absolute heaven. And yes it is every inch a pizza.

I used ready-made as I was in a hurry but do feel free to make your own pizza dough. I also used frozen chopped onions (which you can buy but I chop my own and freeze them) because they create a wetter base in place of the regular tomato sauce base.

Prep time: 10 mins
Cook time: 10-15 mins
Servings: 1
Servings: 1


  • one ball of ready made, no-added-nasty pizza dough. Or feel free to make your own.
  • 1 heaped teacup of frozen chopped onions. I use these because they create a wet mass of delicious onion which takes the place of the wet tomato sauce on a regular pizza, otherwise it would be too dry.
  • 1 heaped teaspoon of garlic purée
  • 10-12 mushrooms, I used chestnut mushrooms but a mix would be lovely. Thinly slice them; I used a food processor so they were good and thin and even.
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • sea salt
  • coarse ground black pepper
  • sprinkle of dried mixed herbs


Heat the oven to 220 deg.

Gently fry the onions, a bit of sea salt, and garlic in olive oil until it forms a ‘squoosh’ that’s my word for a soft crush but not a purée! They must remain uncoloured.

Meanwhile roll the dough quite thin on a floured surface and place it on a lightly oiled pizza baking sheet or stone.

Spread the oniony garlicky mix over the base, right up to the edges. Now scatter the uncooked mushroom slices on and drizzle olive oil all over, then some sea salt.

Bake for about 10-15 mins or until the edges are golden brown, deffo check after ten mins.

Scatter with fresh basil and coarse ground black pepper and serve with colourful salad.

Nutrition Info


Mushrooms provide lots or Riboflavin (vitamin B2). Not only is this important for energy production but it also helps to bring iron out of storage and into cells. Mushrooms grown in sunlight contain good amounts of vitamin D, vit D is pretty elusive in the diet so it’s important to increase intake, we get most of it from sunlight ourselves but are so indoorsy these days! Vitamin D is critical for bone health and also boost immunity.

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I love pizza. I want to marry it but it would be just be to eat her family at the wedding.

Mike Birbiglia

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Instead of living with the bore of weighing food, counting points or calories and tapping everything you eat into a phone you can use nature’s custom-designed tool – your hands!

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