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Creamy tomato soup

My boy is off sick from school today with a bad throat. He likes Heinz tomato soup but there was none in the cupboard so I made this instead.

He declared “This is much nicer mum!” And it was.

The great thing about soup is it’s good and filling and is a fantastic way to get more vegetables into a healthy diet. This is great natural food made into an easy soup recipe.


  • large punnet of baby tomatoes
  • 4 medium/large ripe larger tomatoes, chopped
  • 2 chopped onions
  • 3 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 1 dessert spoon of butter
  • 200ml of double cream
  • 5 table spoons of tomato puree
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar (brings out the flavour of the tomatoes, you will live, I promise!)
  • sea salt and black pepper

Nuush clients: Please apply the portion sizes stated in your account and divide the recipe so that you make only as much you need.


Fry the onion in the oil until translucent.

Add the tomatoes and continue to fry until soft, squidge them with a potato masher a couple of times.

Add 400ml of boiling water and bubble it all up for five mins.

Add all the other ingredients, and stir. Keep on with the masher every so often as you heat the soup.

Blend in a food mixer or blender, and/or pass through a sieve if you like a finer soup.

Nutrition Info


Tomatoes are rich in lycopene which is a pokey antioxidant. Antioxidants are like bouncers at a night club, they go around finding stray electrons that are busy causing trouble in your body, and find them a love partner so they can both stay in and cuddle on the sofa.

Tomatoes are also a brilliant source of vitamin C, which supports skin and connective tissue health as well as immunity and iron absorption. The biotin in tomatoes is good for controlling blood sugar.

Find your new natural

I could hear her chewing from across the room. That’s when I knew I loved her because, aside from me, who chews tomato soup?

Jarod Kintz

Portion Guidelines

Instead of living with the bore of weighing food, counting points or calories and tapping everything you eat into a phone you can use nature’s custom-designed tool – your hands!

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