Real food, supplements and superfoods

We believe in the holistic properties of real food, rather than the singular, man-made properties of a pill or potion, or the focus on a particular fashion food.

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Real food, supplements and superfoods


You’ve probably noticed by now that we don’t sell, prescribe or push the use of supplements or ‘superfoods’ in the any of our plans, even though doing so could probably make us rich! That’s because we believe in the holistic properties of real food, not the singular, man-made properties of a pill or potion, or the focus on a particular fashion food.

Real food

Eating a variety of real food means you get a good range of nutrients which complement each other – one nutrient helps the absorption of another. Real food is designed to be processed by the body, unlike a pill, which can transit the gut almost intact (ask any sewage farm worker).

Dangers of blind supplementation

Blind supplementation can be dangerous because taking a nutrient in isolation can upset the balance or absorption of another nutrient. And because some are stored in our fat they can sit there in storage and build up to excessive levels.

There’s nothing to stop people overdosing on vitamins and minerals either. People can simply go into a shop and buy whatever they like, go home and take them to their heart’s content.

On top of that, they can be expensive. They make very costly urine. Your money literally goes down the drain.

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Real deficiencies

If someone comes to Nuush with a properly diagnosed deficiency – blood tests by a qualified medical professional – we work with them to help them apply their doctor’s advice, and we can advise on which foods will help to boost that nutrient.

They may also have been prescribed a supplement by their doctor and that’s OK, it’s not blind supplementation.

Protein shakes and pills

It’s not just pills. Vast amounts of money are spent on protein supplements.

Yet it’s extremely rare for anyone to have a protein deficiency in the western world, nearly everything we eat contains protein, and we just don’t need protein in the amounts that a lot of people aspire to. We’re getting more than enough.


Add to that mix ‘superfoods’ and you can say goodbye to a large wad of your monthly income.

Superfoods such as chia, matcha, cacao nibs, coconut oil, certain berries and certain veg all get the superfood label, but it’s largely a marketing term. Yes they are nutritious but so are a lot of other foods.

The key is in variety, freshness, naturalness. Do include these things (as we do on the plans to an extent – though we tend not to include the hiked-price items such as chia and coconut oil) but don’t focus on them just because they have a ‘super’ label.

Eat plants, not pills.

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Get a gorgeous weekly meal plan

Don’t stress the details about eating well because a plan from Nuush gives you all the nutrition you need each week; all you need do is shop, cook and eat, and enjoy the results.

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