Plant-based Nutrition

Our plant-based plans will help you switch to a simple, tasty and healthy vegan diet without having to worry about what to eat. 

Whether it’s for ethical, environmental or just taste preference reasons we’ll make sure you get a banging plan every week!

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A balanced nutrition plan for vegans

*Read our post What we think about calories. Spoiler: flawed.

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A healthy, happy framework

You get more than a gorgeous weekly Mediterranean-diet meal plan – you get expert and community support, lifestyle guidance and encouragement, weekly articles to engage your mind and improve your knowledge, and lots more besides. 

Find your natural sweet-spot for a happy healthy life with Nuush.

Fuel your body, move your body, rest your body and most of all, love your body, naturally.

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Inclusive eating

We don’t believe in restrictive diets, instead we expand your food repertoire because a varied diet is at the heart of good nutrition and food enjoyment. Eating a vegan diet can be nutritionally challenging and whilst no food-only vegan diet can give you all the required nutrients we ensure that the ones that are available from food are there in abundance whilst informing you of the areas that may need supplementation.

Healthy eating plans

Plant-based Nutrition includes a weekly nutrition plan, based on the Mediterranean diet, with lots of options, there will always be something you love! Your plans are carefully put together by me. I have wealth of knowledge, qualifications and experience and I am always here to answer questions.

With Nutrition for Everyone you also get my expert lifestyle guidance and support to help you make changes that feel good and that last. The Mediterranean diet is part of a more relaxed and fulfilling lifestyle that is evidence-based and centuries-old.

Sally Pinnegar, Nuush's founder


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