Personalised Nutrition – get help managing your eating to feel more healthy, happy and energised.

Get the full attention of a qualified nutrition professional who will design a weekly meal plan around your life, health and taste.

Nutrition and meal plans tailored to you

Weekly meal plan

Regardless of your needs – whether straightforward or complex – we will write a simple and effective weekly nutrition plan based entirely on your life and circumstances.

Professional nutrition

Written by a qualified nutrition professional who is also a L3 personal trainer, plans will take into account your schedule and provides micronutrients, carbs, omega 3 fatty acids, fibre and much more.

Education and knowledge

We don’t just drop a bunch of recipes on you and send you on your way. We include weekly tips and motivation to educate you about nutrition, making food choices right for you, exercise and more.

Community and accountability

Track your weight-loss progress with our online tools, et direct feedback from Sally, and connect with others in our members-only Facebook group, a great place to discuss nutrition, health and life in general.

But what is 'personalised nutrition'?

Well, it can have many interpretations, as with all things in nutrition world, but the Nuush way is a weekly tailored nutrition plan written by me, to suit the individual, with these features:

  • Tailoring of a Mediterranean-style diet to suit the person. If the Med-style diet does not suit, other dietary approaches are used.
  • Meals are planned around the person’s food preferences and dietary-pattern choices, for instance vegetarianism.
  • Other household members’ taste is accounted for, if applicable. This may incur an additional fee depending on circumstance.
  • Food is timed and selected to suit work hours, socialising, time available, available food, level of cooking skills, budget and much more.
  • Food is selected according to where the person lives and what is available and local. It can be anywhere in the world and we have many overseas clients.
  • For athletes and exercisers food is chosen and timed to get the best performance and recovery.
  • Individual nutrition advice from medical practitioners can be incorporated.
  • Professionally diagnosed nutritional deficiencies or other dysfunctions are addressed with real food, alongside medical advice.
  • One-to-one daily client feedback is sought and acted upon.
  • Nutrition develops and changes, based on feedback and results.
  • A part-personalised option, where the individual chooses which days of the week they would like a tailored plan.

And what isn't it?

It isn’t based on genetic testing because genes have not yet been proven to dictate responses to food.

It is not based on blood type or anything else that is not evidence-based or that Nuush is not currently qualified to offer. We are not going to ask you for your poo, yet… 🙂

A healthy, happy framework

You get more than a gorgeous weekly plan – you get expert one-to-one and community support, lifestyle guidance, progress tracking and encouragement, personal feedback, weekly articles to engage your mind and improve your knowledge, and lots more besides. 

Fuel your body, move your body, rest your body and most of all, love your body, naturally.

Find your natural sweet-spot for a happy healthy life with Nuush.

Not a fad in sight

We don’t believe in restrictive diets that cut out food groups or focus on calorie counting.

Instead we expand your food repertoire because a varied diet is at the heart of good nutrition and food enjoyment.

Leave the craziness behind and make peace with beautiful food in the right amount for you.
18 months later I’d lost 25kg and that was just the beginning of the benefits! I slept better, I didn’t suffer with acid reflux, my skin was clearer and most importantly I was enjoying food for the first time in my life.

Personalised Nutrition includes a weekly, fully-tailored, nutrition plan, based on your taste, life and goals, with meal options that you will love. Each plan is carefully put together by me. I have a wealth of knowledge, qualifications and experience and will work with you closely to produce a simple-to-follow diet that helps you to feel your very best.

With Personalised Nutrition you get my expert lifestyle guidance, feedback and support to help you make changes that feel good and that last. Your plans will be based on the Mediterranean Diet honed to suit your needs. All of it sits within a framework of a more relaxed and fulfilling lifestyle.

Nutrition plan UK
Nuush has taught me how to eat in a normal, sustainable way. I like the fact that there are no fads, that it is a disciplined way of eating, and that it encourages an enjoyment of the outdoors. Best money I have ever spent.
Kate Armstrong

Note: The Personalised Nutrition plan requires you to submit a schedule each week between Monday-Wednesday. Details on what happens if you sign up outside these days is included in the welcome email.

£50 per week

Standard Price

Your card will be charged £50 at checkout and payments will recur every week until you cancel.

£180 per month*

10% discount

Your card will be charged £180 at checkout and payments will recur every 4 weeks until you cancel.

*The monthly plan is billed every 4 weeks.

One-off Personalised Plan

Do you want to try a Personalised Nutrition plan without committing to a subscription?

If you want to see if Personalised Nutrition is the right plan for you then this one-off version is the best place to start.

Get everything Personalised Nutrition has to offer with a single payment. If you love the plan and want to continue just use the renewal links in your account to keep going. 

One week of personalised nutrition involves submitting your schedule or movements the week before your plan goes live.

We then send you the plan on the Friday before your week starts, so you can prepare. At the end of your plan you send some feedback, which Sally responds to on the Monday after. That’s it!

Your card will be charged £50 at checkout and no further payments will be taken. Your account will remain active for 18 days.