Nutrition Consultation

Book a consultation with Sally, Nuush’s founder and head nutrition advisor, to talk through your goals, current eating habits and activity levels.

If you go on to sign up for one of our plans within 30 days we’ll refund 50% of the consultation cost.

A one-to-one consultation about your lifestyle, diet and nutrition goals can be just the thing you need for motivation and results. Sally will guide you to easy and personalised ways of making effective changes to support your health and/or performance.

Fill in the booking form below and get tailored advice from Sally that will suit you, your life, your health and your goals.

Please note that Nutrition Consultations are non-refundable.

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  • We do not offer consultations between Friday and Sunday.
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  • We will call you using the number you enter here. The consultation will be by voice only, video calls are not available.
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  • If you have any dietary restrictions – such as diabetes, coeliac, etc – please state them here.
  • If you take any medications please state them here.
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  • If you have an eating disorder, or have had one in the past, please give details here.
  • Give details of how active you are. If you exercise, state what type and how many hours per week on average.
  • If you have previously followed any formal approaches to changing diet and lifestyle please give details here.
  • Give as much information as you can about why you're contacting us and what you hope to get from the consultation.
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