Flexifast Nutrition – versatility to choose whichever plan suits your day.

Combining our most popular Mediterranean diet plan, Nutrition for Everyone, with the extra health benefits of Nourish & Fast. The perfect way to weave time related eating into your life when it suits you best.

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Become and member and get much more than a diet...

Weekly meal plan

Each weekly plan is packed with variety, ingredients that follow the seasons and meals suitable for all taste buds and preferences. Many meals can also be easily adapted if you are vegan. And with Flexifast Nutrition you chose to follow the Nutrition for Everyone or Nourish & Fast plan on the days that suit you.

Thoughtful nutrition

Much more than a collection of recipes and meal ideas, each plan considers your body’s requirements for satiety, micronutrients, phytonutrients, protein, fat and carb, omega 3 fatty acids, fibre and much more. And Flexifast Nutrition gives you absolute peace of mind that your body is not missing out while you reduce your eating window.

Education and knowledge

We don’t just drop a bunch of recipes on you and send you on your way. We include weekly tips and motivation to educate you about nutrition, making food choices right for you, exercise and more.

Community and accountability

Track your fat loss progress with our online tools and your health progress in our members-only Facebook group, a great place to gain evidence-based knowledge and connect with others to discuss nutrition, health and lifestyle.

Nuush gives me all the tools I need to educate myself about food. I’m feeling the benefit of exercising more, taking more care to rest and connect, and the bonus? I’m losing weight every single week. This should be available on the NHS.

Flexifast Nutrition membership includes...

*Read our post What we think about calories. Spoiler: flawed.

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A healthy, happy framework

You get more than a gorgeous weekly Mediterranean-diet plan – you get expert and community support, lifestyle guidance, progress tracking and encouragement, weekly articles to engage your mind and improve your knowledge, and lots more besides. 

Fuel your body, move your body, rest your body and most of all, love your body, naturally.

Find your natural sweet-spot for a happy healthy life with Nuush.

Not a fad in sight

We don’t believe in restrictive diets that cut out food groups or focus on calorie counting.

Instead we expand your food repertoire because a varied diet is at the heart of good nutrition and food enjoyment.

Leave the craziness behind and make peace with beautiful food in the right amount for you.
For me the Nuush community is fab. I like not having to decide what to eat everyday. I like knowing I’m getting a balanced delicious food plan... I love that it really doesn’t feel restrictive. I still look forward to every meal – thanks for all your amazing work Sally.

Flexifast Nutrition gives you weekly nutrition plans, based on the Mediterranean diet, with lots of options, there will always be something you love! It's suitable for meat eaters, veggie-fish followers, or vegetarians. Your plans are carefully put together by me to keep you optimally nourished and feeling satisfied and well. I have a wealth of knowledge, qualifications and experience and constantly keep up-to-date with scientific research. And I am always here if you have questions.

You also get my expert lifestyle guidance and support to help you make changes that feel good and that last. The Mediterranean diet is part of a more relaxed and fulfilling lifestyle that is evidence-based and centuries-old. Time restricted eating is a very simple daily eating pattern that works with your body's natural rhythm, allowing it the space to rest and repair when it needs to.

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You want to feel better but you keep thinking of reasons not to start?

At Nuush we specialise in solving your nutrition and general health problems. 

“I’m confused by all the diet advice.”
Nuush gives you evidence-based, non-fad, nutrition and doesn’t demonise food groups.

“I’ve tried losing weight before but I can’t keep it off.”
Nuush isn’t a quick fix, it’s nutrition and lifestyle that you will love for life. By making gentle and consistent changes your body will find its happy spot and you will eat and live in a way that doesn’t feel like a regime, because it isn’t.

“I can’t afford it.”
At just over £1 a day to improve the way you feel and support your health Nuush is cheaper than life insurance. You will only buy the food you plan to eat, there is very little waste, and you’ll save the money you spend on the plan by having lower grocery bills.

“I want to eat the same as my family.”
Nuush meals work for everyone. They are good ordinary, delicious and healthy meals that whole families rave about!

“I don’t have time.”
Nuush meals are quick to make, often they take just 20 mins but we mark all our meals with time indicators so you can choose what best suits you.

“I hate cooking or I can’t cook.”
We will teach you that it is very loveable and quick. You will surprise yourself and have a fantastic new life skill.

“I don’t like exercise.”
Whilst we gently encourage you to be more active with lovely things like walking we are not expecting you to enter any running races or triathlons 🙂. We work on food first and quietly help you to make other lifestyle changes in your own time.

“I don’t want to buy special diet food or shakes or weird ingredients.”
Yuk! Neither do we. All our food is regular good food, no shakes, pills, funny yoghurts or acai extract 😁

Since starting on the plans it feels as if a load of headspace has been freed-up! Not only do you give us easy and delicious meals but we are all feeling so much better for eating them and my clothes are feeling hugely more comfortable. Thank you!

£42 per month*

Standard Price

Your card will be charged £42 at checkout and payments will recur every 4 weeks until you cancel.

First-time clients can cancel within 14 days for a full refund.

*The monthly plan is billed every 4 weeks.

£113 per quarter*

10% discount

Your card will be charged £113.00 at checkout and payments will recur every 12 weeks until you cancel.

First-time clients can cancel within 14 days for a full refund.

*The quarterly plan is billed every 12 weeks.