Bespoke Nutrition

Do you need help to manage your eating to feel more healthy, happy and energised? Do you have a complex, busy life with little time to think about planning what to eat? Or maybe you’ve tried off-the-shelf approaches and they haven’t worked well for you?

The Bespoke Nutrition plan gives you the full attention of a qualified nutrition professional who will design a weekly meal plan around your life, health and taste.

*Part-weeks are an option with Bespoke Nutrition Flexible– see below for details.

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Personalised nutrition

*Read our post What we think about calories. Spoiler: flawed.

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A healthy, happy framework

You get more than a gorgeous weekly plan – you get expert one-to-one and community support, lifestyle guidance, progress tracking and encouragement, personal feedback, weekly articles to engage your mind and improve your knowledge, and lots more besides. 

Find your natural sweet-spot for a happy healthy life with Nuush.

Fuel your body, move your body, rest your body and most of all, love your body, naturally.

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Not a fad in sight

We don’t believe in restrictive diets that cut out food groups, instead we expand your food repertoire because a varied diet is at the heart of good nutrition and food enjoyment.

Leave the craziness behind and make peace with beautiful food in the right amount for you.

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Bespoke Nutrition includes a weekly, fully-tailored, nutrition plan, based on your taste, life and goals, with meal options that you will love. Each plan is carefully put together by me. I have a wealth of knowledge, qualifications and experience and will work with you closely to produce a simple-to-follow diet that helps you to feel your very best.

With Bespoke Nutrition you get my expert lifestyle guidance, feedback and support to help you make changes that feel good and that last. Your plans will be based on the Mediterranean Diet honed to suit your needs. All of it sits within a framework of a more relaxed and fulfilling lifestyle.

Sally Pinnegar, Nuush's founder and lead Nutrition Advisor.

Bespoke Nutrition

The Bespoke Nutrition plan requires you to submit a schedule between Monday-Wednesday. Details on what happens if you sign up outside these days is included in the welcome email.

Standard price

Weekly: £50.00

Your card will be charged £50 at checkout. Payments will automatically recur every week until you cancel.

If you have a discount code, the discount is only applied to the first payment.

10% discount

4-weekly: £180

Your card will be charged £180 at checkout. Payments will automatically recur every 4 weeks until you cancel.

If you have a discount code, the discount is only applied to the first payment.

Bespoke Nutrition Flexible

£7.50 per day

Do you have days of the week that are uneventful and easy to manage food-wise but others where it’s tricky to get your eating right?

It might be that you work long hours on particular days or are commuting or travelling, or just busy with life. Or maybe you exercise hard on some days of the week and need to ensure you’re fuelling and refuelling properly? Or you might not want to commit to full bespoke but would still benefit from a little fully-tailored nutrition advice.

This is where our Bespoke Nutrition Flexible option would suit you well. You choose how many days of bespoke nutrition you need and on the remaining days we populate your plan with our Nutrition for Everyone menu. 

You get the best of both worlds!

Before you can sign up for the Flexible plan we need to work with you to get an idea of your weekly schedule and how many days you will need. We can do that by email or you could book a Nutrition Consultation with Sally – Nuush’s founder – to discuss the details in one 30-minute session. (If you subsequently register for a Bespoke plan we’ll refund 50% of the Nutrition Consultation cost.)