Feel the health benefits of a balanced and nutritious diet and lifestyle.

Get meal plans that carefully integrate the proven health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, ensuring a holistic approach to optimal health.

Your path to better health starts here.

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Experience the health benefits of a balanced and nutritious lifestyle. Your path to better health starts here

Our nutrition plans are crafted with our core principles of Nourish, Move, Restore, and Connect. We’ve carefully integrated the proven health benefits of the Mediterranean diet into each plan, ensuring a holistic approach to optimal health. 

Nutrition for Everyone

Whether your goal is to be better nourished, to lose weight, to have a happy relationship with food or simply to hand over the task of weekly meal planning to a nutrition advisor and get new easy meal ideas, we’ll help you achieve it.​

Nourish & Fast

Built around the no-fad science of time-related eating, with all its health and weight management benefits. Enjoy the day’s food within an eight hour window, we suggest 10am to 6pm. We ensure you get all the nutrients you need to be energetic, healthy and robust.

Mediterranean diet plan for a healthy body and simpler life

Flexifast Nutrition

Combine our most popular Mediterranean diet plan, Nutrition for Everyone, with the extra health benefits of Nourish & Fast. Get the best of both worlds and the versatility to choose whichever suits your day.

Basic Nutrition

The awesome Nutrition for Everyone plan pared down to its essentials. We include plenty of variety – the plan is suitable for meat eaters, fish eaters and vegetarians.

Personalised Nutrition

Do you need help with managing your eating to feel more healthy, happy and energised? Do you have a complex, busy life with little time to think about eating?

A nutrition plan fully customised to your daily life, with one-to-one support from a Nuush professional is the option for you.

Personalised Sports Nutrition

Get the best out of your training and racing by eating the right fuel at the right time.

We will create weekly plans specific to your training, health, family, business, socialising and race-day needs. It’s simple, it’s natural and it works.​

Not sure which plan is right for you?

Schedule a free 15 minute discovery consultation with Sally, Nuush’s founder and lead nutrition advisor, to talk through your nutrition, health or performance.