Personal choice in diet and exercise

To lose weight or not lose weight, to exercise or not to exercise. “Eat this and you’ll be healthy!” “Don’t eat that or you’ll be unhealthy!” “Eat whatever you like, whenever you like and your size doesn’t matter!”

Body positivity

The health and nutrition sector gives out conflicting messages all the time so it’s no wonder people are confused and disordered about eating and exercise. At one extreme there are highly restrictive diets and fad regimes and at the extreme there is the ant-diet movement. But there is a calmer, more natural and free way to eat without surrounding it all in strict rules or aggressiveness about having no rules.

I talked with Nora Sike recently, as a guest on one of her podcast episodes, about all this. Nora is a holistic health coach, and we share many thoughts and feelings about approaches to good health; at the same time we come at it from slightly different and interesting angles.

Listen to us chatting it all through and covering topics such as:

New year fad diets.

Validity and sustainability of new year resolutions.

Is there a link between body composition and health?

Does it matter what kind of activity we do?

The importance of personal choice.

The pod is best listened to through earbuds or headphones as the sound could be better in parts!

Interview with Nora Sike of Body Food Freedom

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