Peer pressure to overeat

Sometimes it seems like everyone just wants to make you eat when you’re not hungry, right? Here are some ways you can say no and stay friends and lovers.

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Peer pressure to overeat


Sometimes it seems like everyone just wants to make you eat all the time. Like when you’re out to dinner and your fellow diners pressure you into eating pudding when you’re not hungry; or if you’re at a friend’s house and you feel under the spotlight to eat ALL the food; or if a partner constantly cajoles you into eating the same as them.

Sometimes people are just being friendly and good hosts, and other times it’s a way of them giving themselves permission to eat or drink too much while dragging you along for the ride.

It’s not up to you to feed other people’s food or alcohol desires. It’s important for you to know your body and honour its hunger and fullness messages.

Here are some ways you can say no to excess food

  1. Just say no thank you. Repeat if necessary, with a lovely smile.
  2. Tell them to go ahead and order what they want, say whatever it is looks delicious and that you’ll try a bite of theirs if that’s OK.
  3. Say their food is always delicious and even though you’re full at the moment you would love to take some home with you or have the recipe.
  4. Say you love their company, you’re full and don’t want to spoil such a lovely occasion by being uncomfy.
  5. Move the subject on to something else that you know grips them.
  6. If a partner is cooking encourage them to use serving dishes, it makes dinner more special and you can eat only as much as you need.
  7. Also with partners say their food is always delicious and you really appreciate their cooking and don’t want to spoil the feeling by overeating.
  8. Always keep a flower pot handy for surreptitious plate clearing. Like “Cough. Ooh look at that big spider behind you!” WHAM, the food is gone 😉

“When you say ‘Yes’ to others make sure you’re not saying ‘No’ to yourself.”

Paulo Coelho

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