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The media – social and standard – would have us believe that weight gain is down to carbs, sugar, food combinations, blood type, where you live, the jet stream and many other obscure and unlikely reasons!

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Portion distortion


A lot of advice is based on what not to eat, rather than what can eat and really enjoy, which is kinda everything! I heard a great quote last week, it was this:

“When you give yourself permission to eat everything you can eat anything without eating everything.”

Good eh?! So it’s saying enjoy lots of different foods but don’t eat ALL the food (all the time) if you want to stay in your body’s healthy weight range.

Happy portion sizing

We teach intuitive eating on our Nutrition for Everyone plan. We don’t want you getting your scales and ruler out every time you eat, but it’s good to start off with a bit of a ‘hard reset’. That’s not as scary as it sounds, it just means thinking more about the amount of food your body needs to function well.

You might look at your plate and feel a bit miffed to start with, that’s because along the way everyone gets used to being served the same sized meals. Which makes no sense.

People tend not to change portion size according to their gender, body size and activity level. It makes complete sense that someone of 5ft 3in needs less than someone of 6ft but it seems so unfair, right?! You’ll be comfier though.

How can you learn to eat only what you need?

When you first join Nuush, you get access to our exclusive Portion Size Guide. You simply follow the portion sizes specific to you while tuning in to your natural hunger and fulness signals and making personal adjustments until it all becomes happy second nature, then you throw them away forever!

We don’t set portion sizes for everything by the way, you’re human, right? You have that sense deep inside you.

We help you to personalise your plan in our private Facebook support group called The Hive; a warm, friendly and educational place where people share food and life stories (strongly linked!) and where we nurture, support and encourage intuitive and happy eating.

A few things to think about

  • A really helpful thing to do is to cook as much as you need, that way you don’t have all that tempting stuff staring at you, asking to be eaten.
  • Try to really ‘be with’ your food, so turn off your phone or screens, have the TV or radio off, move magazines and books away. Be there in the moment, notice the taste and feel of your food, notice how the first mouthful is delightful and from then on as you get fuller it gets less intense. Notice how empty or full you feel. You don’t have to do this every time you eat but try it fairly often until you start getting back in tune with your food and feelings.
  • Maybe slowww down a little bit, take smaller forkfuls.
  • Take a moment to listen to your body, are you still hungry or just eating to get to the finish? Stop when you’re comfortably full rather than bursting.
  • Try to move away from habitual standard stuff like always having two slices of toast, or two-slice sandwiches, always having a heaped bowl of cereal, muesli or porridge, i.e. wanting to fill the bowl. Move towards having what is right for you as an individual. Of course two slices might be right for you, but have a think!
  • Enjoy eating! Everyone has a blowout or some crisps and cake sometimes, don’t feel guilty, enjoy it. It’s only when you start eating crisps and cake all the time or replacing meals with them that issues may arise. Good health extends way beyond just food.

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