Our new name is Nuush

When I started the business back in 2012 it was intended to focus on outdoor personal training with a little supplementary nutrition, hence ‘fitnaturally’.

Very soon, largely as a result of lots of nutrition-based conversations on Twitter, the food side forged ahead and I realised I could help more people, in more places, by offering dietary support as our core service.

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Focused on nutrition

Fast forward eight years and nutrition is right at the centre of what we do, surrounded by lifestyle support to help our clients be more active outdoors, to sleep well, to relax more and to better connect with other people and loved ones – all vitally important factors for health.

We have worked with people all over the world from the Far East to Australia and NZ, Africa, America, Canada, Dubai and the whole of English-speaking Europe, as well as the UK. This has helped fitnaturally to reach far far beyond those I could personal train in my local area.

One small thing has held us back a little, and that has been our name – fitnaturally.

While we appeal to exercisers and athletes with the word ‘fit’ many people have said “Ohhh I thought you were only for fit people!”. They haven’t realised that the majority of our clients are not into triathlons or marathons but are just wanting to eat better, lose some weight if they need to, and feel wonderful! We will always support athletes and exercisers too, with top nutrition, but we are for everyone, everywhere.

Hence the name change to Nuush. I hope you love it as much as we do although if you have known and loved us at fitnaturally it may take a few weeks to get used to.

We thought long and hard about it, in fact we’ve been mooting it for a few years but never quite biting the bullet. A few things finally pushed the button; we wanted to better reflect our calm Mediterranean diet vibe, we needed to have a name that allowed us to move in any direction that suited the world at any time, which meant a sort of made-up word that didn’t tie us down, and our system was coming to the end of its life and needed redesigning, which Thomas has made a beautiful job of.

Say hello to Nuush

You might be wondering what ‘Nuush’ (pronounced ‘Noosh’) means? Is it just a random word or are there any hidden depths to it? Well, the ‘Nu’ is obviously the start of the word ‘nutrition’, which is what we do. The ‘ush’ is the ending of ‘hush’, to reflect our quiet and calm approach, and in ‘Albania, which is part of the Mediterranean, ‘Nush’ means ‘Bon appetit’.


And this is our new logo

We absolutely love it and it feels very right.

So there you go. We are the same caring, professional nutrition business but we have branding that sits much more comfortably with our vibe.

So, meet Nuush, I just know you will get on so well ♥.

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