Nourish • Move • Restore • Connect

These are the four pillars we use to support your health.

Rather than just providing you with a, albeit wonderful, nutrition plan and sending you away to follow it we stay by your side helping you make easy and effective changes.

You will learn how to weave activity and exercise in to your days, how to sleep and relax better and how to strengthen your connection with people and nature so you feel healthy, fit, content and happy.


Your body carries out an off-the-scale amount of magic every millisecond of the day. It really is indescribable. To do that properly it needs essential nutrients – vitamins, minerals, fat, protein, carbohydrate, fibre, phytonutrients.

But we don’t think of food in that way when we eat, we think of taste and joy. Nuush ensures you get all the nutrients your body needs while only having to indulge in the pleasure of eating three times a day. 

There’s no calorie counting, no macro-recording, no tapping meals into phones, nothing like that at all. What looks to you like a list of gorgeous easy meals and recipes is actually a full set of nutrients worked out by nutrition professionals on your behalf, based on the Mediterranean diet. Three beautiful meals a day in the right amount to keep you feeling and operating at your very best.


Our bodies are designed to move, that’s why we have large and powerful muscles in our legs. Think of your body like the most expensive machine in the world, finely engineered, actually priceless. If you left that machine idle for months and years it probably wouldn’t work when you came to use it. 

Your body is much the same. Muscles need to flex, your heart needs to pump faster to stay strong and efficient, lungs need to have a good old blast and blood needs to pump around with joy regularly. In that way your body gets tougher and more resilient, you feel better, think better, move better, sleep better. That doesn’t mean you have to run marathons, unless you want to, it means walking, cycling, swimming or anything you enjoy that gets you a bit puffed. 

We encourage you to use the outdoors for fitness, to get multiple benefits. But it’s not just those things, it’s about being generally more active, walking to the shops, standing at your desk, taking activity breaks every hour, gardening – any sort of movement is good movement.


Sleep, relaxation and stress relief are fundamental to optimum health. While you sleep you grow and repair. 

Your brain dumps all its junk and your digestive system is left in peace to prepare itself for the next day. Daily downtime also gives your body a break from those fight or flight hormones that modern life sends soaring; it can be a walk in the woods or a relaxing meal at the table, a cup of tea on the back doorstep or ten minutes of meditation. 

Think about a Mediterranean lifestyle where they take siestas, linger over dinner, live life at a slower pace and put materialism way down the list of priorities. We help you to find what works with your life to help you feel calm, relaxed and fulfilled.


Good human relationships and a connection with the natural environment are hardwired into us as fundamental needs.

Feeling supported, noticed, liked, cared for and loved, and giving those vibes to others helps us to stay content and happy. Spending time in nature grounds us and gives us a sense of wonder and perspective, helps us to see where we fit in the world and that we are part of an ecosystem. 

Nuush nurtures these essential life elements and helps you find ways to connect with people and nature to feel content and happy. We even have a ‘Hive’ where we create our own Nuush community for you to share stories and progress, meet other Nuush’ers and feel part of a happy network.

Connect with your health, people and nature

Whether your goal is to be better nourished, to lose weight, to have a happy relationship with food or simply to hand over the task of weekly meal planning to a nutrition advisor and get new easy meal ideas, we’ll help you achieve it.