Nearly spring!

Winter is beautiful but can sometimes go on a bit, with short days, cold and wet weather and a January that seemed to last for 900 days.

Nearly spring

Some people find themselves comfort eating HobNobs and toasting marshmallows on the log burner, and then they have to go around in stretchy trousers. Gah!

So anyway, yes the spring is nearly here and you have a few weeks to get back on top of your game, use your legs and stop eating all the random. C’mon please!

3 point plan

Stop snacking, start eating three meals a day one that’s no bigger than your hand and two that are no bigger than your face, and that have loadsa veg. Repeat daily. Feel incredible.

Me during a Take Ten – though it was actually more like a take 100 😀

Take your slipper socks off and put shoes on, open the front door, walk ten mins one way and ten mins back, as if you’re late for an appointment. Repeat daily. Feel invincible.

Blitz your kitchen. Away with the biscuits, cake, crisps, sweets and anything else the piece of wonder that’s your body doesn’t need. Hey presto, when you reach for a HobNob the cupboard says no! Repeat every time random biscuits n shizzmo seem to creep back into the kitchen. Feel tough.

Please may you do this for yourself now. Cos reading it doesn’t work on its own.

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