Motivational tips for healthy eating

On our Nutrition for Everyone plan we always include tips to get our clients thinking. And not the ‘how many calories should I eat in a day’ kind of thoughts.

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We encourage clients to think about the journey they are on towards a healthier, fitter body and what they can do to break some of the habits that might have led them to becoming overweight.

We praise for the good work already done!

We get them to think about food as fuel and to enjoy the food that is in your mouth, not the food that is on your plate.

And we encourage them to exercise; a brisk walk after a meal can do you the world of good both physically and mentally.

Our tips are always a mix of common sense and thought-provoking mental exercises you can try when you’re tempted to deviate from the framework of our nutrition plans.

Here’s a small selection:

  • We never mention calories. Don’t get hung up on numbers. The ‘how many calories should I eat in a day’ mindset is such an inexact science, particularly with regard to how many calories a person burns. It’s just not worth the hassle. Simply get used to eating moderate portions, limit snacks and junk food, eat only until comfortably full, don’t eat if you’re not hungry and take regular exercise. If you lose weight, great; if you don’t then cut back a bit and exercise more. Enjoy food rather than counting small numbers forever.
  • Try not to ‘go unconscious’ when you eat. Take a forkful, put the fork down, chew the food and really taste it. Do that throughout a whole meal. Not every meal but a couple a week. The longer it takes you to eat the more satisfied you’ll feel.
  • If you tend to eat quickly then set the timer on your phone to twenty minutes and try not to finish your meal before the buzzer goes off.
  • Send yourself a clear “End of food for the day” message. Call it your ‘that’s all folks’ signal.
  • Acknowledge the fact that you are taking action, be proud that you’re doing something to improve your body and health.
  • Seconds: Sometimes, if you cook more than you need, it’s really tempting to go back for a few more mouthfuls. Trouble is if you do that every night you can soon rack up an extra 1,500 calories or more over week. Either cook just as much as you need or clear the stuff away as soon as it’s cooked and before you eat the meal.
  • If tempted to eat based on emotions then don’t eat straight away but go and sit or lie down and think about it. Think about why you are doing it and whether it’s really going to help. Say to yourself “If I eat this food will it be worth it?” Do this every single time you are tempted. Write down the triggers, recognise and deal with them in other ways.
  • Try to avoid the mindset that makes you say “I’m going to be hungry after I eat that” or “that will ever be enough” Avoid preempting hunger; tune in to real hunger as it happens.
  • Good health requires regular exercise. If you’re not someone who exercises at the moment it can seem daunting so start gradually and make it as convenient as you can. Just walking outside for 30–45 mins after your evening meal is a great way of helping digestion as well as getting used to moving again. It’s good to aim at three to five times a week for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • Ignore people who try to sabotage your efforts. They just feel threatened or want to see you fail. Stay strong and wilful. Eating what other people want you to eat is not healthy for body nor mind. You can enjoy people’s company without having to eat chips and drink loads of beer 🙂
  • Imagine yourself going everywhere in a bikini/trunks. Particularly imagine that as you’re fancying tucking into some late night toast or extra chocs. Similarly, try eating naked!
  • If you go off plan one day don’t let it affect the next day’s eating. Some people adopt the mentality of “Oh well I’ve blown it so I may as well carry on blowing it cos I’ve failed.” Don’t let yesterday affect today. Yesterday is gone.
  • When we don’t exercise our muscles get smaller; less muscle means we have smaller engines; smaller engines need less fuel…..If we just sit about all day our engines are barely turning over.
  • Nobody ever died of starvation between lunch and dinner!

So, if you want to step away from the ‘how many calories should I eat in a day’ mentality, and if you would like to improve your diet and give your health its best chance have a look at our Nutrition for Everyone plan.

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