Making changes – how to lose weight naturally

So it’s the beginning of a new year and this is usually when people start a new diet and join up to a gym only to give it all up after a week or so and go back to their ingrained habits.

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Only not if they chose Nutrition for Everyone plan! We will show you how to lose weight naturally with our healthy meal recipes, help you to stick at it, love it, and properly change over the long-term. Change isn’t always easy but we do all we can to support you with non-faddy tasty food and natural activity that you can fit into your life without having to drive to a gym.

Getting healthier habits means undoing your old habits, changing to new and better ones, then freezing the new ones. Unfreeze, change, refreeze. Imagine yourself as an ice cube shaped like you – frozen into it are all the bits and pieces that have led you astray with your eating and exercise. Now imagine melting your ice-cube self down so you can get those things out and replace them with shiny new things that work better!

If you were doing something as drastic as melting yourself down you’d want a plan so that you got all the right bits back in the right places before refreezing!

So, how to lose weight naturally – where to start?

Set out your reasons for change. What was it about your old eating habits and lifestyle that led to where you are now?

What will happen to you or others, or life in general, as a result of you getting healthier and fitter? Think of positives, as well as negatives. By addressing the negatives you can plan to overcome them.

Who else do you need to be on your side to make the changes work? Who’s in your support team?

What are the first steps? What one or two things can you focus on to start with, that will be easy wins for you?

How will you know you’re achieving? What things will be clear proof of your changes taking effect? Could be better sleep, clearer skin, better digestion and lots of other things!

Write yourself a mission statement. What will you do? Who are you doing it for? How will you do it? What value will it bring to learn how to lose weight naturally? Keep it somewhere you’ll see it lots! On the back of the loo door for instance 🙂

Our Nutrition for Everyone plan can help you with all of the above.

Do you want better health?

The Nutrition for Everyone plan will help you maximise the essential nutrients your body needs for robust health.

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