How to lose weight healthily – 7 nutrition myths busted

One of Nuush’s fundamental principles is to prescribe good food and quick healthy recipes, free of fads, and to help people develop a happy, un-obsessed, relationship with eating.

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7 nutrition myths busted

But there are so many ‘funny’ ideas out there in our faces every day that it can be a struggle to know what’s right when you just want to lose weight healthily. Just remember that fifty years ago these things weren’t bandied about, eating was more functional; people didn’t think too much about it they just ate their three meals a day – and were slimmer!

Here are a few of the more popular current ideas, with Nuush’s take on them.

1. You can eat as much fat as you like and not get fat.

Wrong. Fat is very energy-dense and will easily make you fat if you overeat it. Overeating *anything* will make you fat and it’s actually very easy to overeat fat, especially as it’s so delicious. Eating fat, but not too much is how to lose weight naturally!

2. You must make smoothies and shakes out of vegetables, fruit and trendy seeds to get all the nutrients you need.

Wrong. Fruit and veg is better in its whole form. That way your gut gets the benefit of breaking it down rather than having a machine do it first.

3. Carbs are bad and make us fat and diabetic.

Wrong. Wholegrain carbs contribute fibre and nutrients to the diet. It’s the amount, type and timing of carbs that matters. Common sense tells us that eating a washing-up bowl of white pasta before bed is not the way to health. Eating too much, and too much poor quality processed, food makes us fat and diabetic.

4. Similar to the above, “Bread is bad”.

Nope! Sourdough bread actually contributes to gut health with its probiotic content. Mass-produced Chorleywood bread though IS ghastly stuff and should be consigned to history!

5. Small, frequent meals are better than three main meals.

No. Small frequent meals stimulate more hunger. The gut needs a break in order to digest food properly. Snacking can lead to higher energy intake, especially as people snack on top of three main meals. That is why Nuush’s plans are primarily focused on easy, healthy meals for weight loss.

6. Certain foods are superfoods.

No. No single food has the power to make us healthy; it’s the combination of good natural meals made with real food, and a non-processed food plan that gives us the range of nutrients and fibre we need to thrive.

7. Vegetarians don’t get all the nutrients they need.

Wrong. They often get more as they tend to eat a far wider variety of plant foods. Plant foods are the foundation of a good natural-food diet.

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