Late night munchies

Snacking later at night or even eating dinner late (within 3 hours before bedtime) can throw your body into a bit of a crisis.

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Late night munchies

Eating late ain’t great!

The body is primed to slow down the digestion process as the evening and night wear on, and particularly during sleep. So throwing food down it when it’s not expecting it means it doesn’t deal with it efficiently and you get fatter and more prone to metabolic prang-ups!

If you haven’t heard it before (or even if you have) I recommend so strongly that you listen to this podcast about time-restricted eating, by Professor Satchin Panda.

It advocates leaving it a while before having breakfast in the morning and finishing your last meal within 8-12 hours of breakfast and preferably more than 3 hours before bed. It’s not a fad or a horrid starvation vibe, it’s simply working with the body’s very natural rhythms.

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