Intuitive eating – for weight loss and a happy life

Nuush’s ultimate aim is that you to eat intuitively, for always. We don’t want you to diet, we want you to love living.

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Intuitive eating

On any of our nutrition plans, our ultimate aim is that you to eat intuitively, for always.

What does intuitive eating mean?

  • Living without a diet mentality.
  • Making health and happiness your focus, not restriction, weight, and food misery.
  • Making peace with food.
  • Accepting that bodies come in many shapes and sizes.
  • Listening to your natural hunger and fullness signals.
  • Serving yourself amounts of food that are right for you, based on hunger, without measuring anything.
  • Eating a variety of foods from all food groups with no fears or anxiety.
  • Living your life between meals without worrying about food and eating.
  • Embracing cooking, eating and food in general.
  • Honouring your feelings without using food.
  • Being active for enjoyment not as a reason to eat.

Nuush supports people in eating mainly whole and nutrient-dense foods, but a diet of 100% whole and nutrient-dense foods forever is pretty unrealistic and life-limiting!

Weight loss, if that’s your goal

Unlike the main intuitive eating drive we do openly support people with weight loss. There’s a lot of reliable research showing that a body carrying excess fat, particularly visceral fat inside the torso around the organs, is a body that is more likely to suffer certain diseases.

Lots of intuitive eating advice vehemently avoids and criticises mention of body composition; we don’t but we do strongly recognise that weight is by no means the main health indicator.

Not all bodies are the same

Although we support people with weight loss it doesn’t mean anyone has to aspire to a six pack or unrealistic goals; bodies come in different shapes and sizes and we’re here to help you get the best from yours – not all bodies are the same, thank goodness!

Of course health is by no means all about body fat/weight, people can be in a smaller body but be unhealthy, very much so. Whereas a person whose body is fatter might be unstressed, not smoking, not drinking alcohol, doing regular walks and exercise, getting lots of sleep and breathing clean air, so their health behaviours are generally very good.

The best framework

We give people a framework of great food, from all food groups and with huge variety. This is a basis for learning, and layering on, more intuitive eating and other healthy lifestyle changes, with our support. We do this for all our clients through our online community as well as one-to-one with some of our clients.

We don’t want you to diet, we want you to love living.

Bring the joy back

Just eat beautiful, real food with the Nutrition for Everyone plan from Nuush. Bring the joy back to food, eating and life.

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