Increase your NEAT

People always ask me what exercise helps with weight loss, but they underestimate the effect that constant movement has on energy burn.

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Increase your neat – exercise for weight loss

We all know deep down that it’s energy in versus energy out when it comes to staying at a healthy weight. (By the way, there is such a thing as a healthy weight!).

“What is the best exercise for weight loss?”

People are always asking me what exercise helps with weight loss but they underestimate the effect that constant movement has on energy burn – not movement from planned exercise, although that’s great too, but stuff like:

  • walking to the shop,
  • walking upstairs,
  • just going for a walk,
  • not using the lift,
  • aiming for a certain number of steps a day,
  • carrying shopping,
  • doing housework,
  • cleaning your own car,
  • and loads more.

The official term is NEAT, Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis.

Or, to you and me, it’s just moving about and increasing your heart rate and therefore the amount of energy you burn.

So this one’s an an easy tip, because they usually are! And like most tips it’s one that you have to actually do to make it work, because they always are.

Get off your seat and increase your NEAT!

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