How to take an hour off your marathon time via good nutrition

Below is an email I received from a client who wanted to lose body fat, not only for health but so she could run marathons more efficiently. A suitable diet for a marathon runner can be key to achieving this. 

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Emmy runs marathons regularly, several times a year (several times a month even!), including ultra and back-to-back marathons. It’s so important to get fuelling right and to look at the body in terms of physics; a lighter frame with the same or larger engine is a faster, more efficient machine.

In the case of a runner (and many other athletes) the frame is their fat and the engine is their muscle. So the less fat and same or more muscle they carry, the faster they go and the less strain there is on their body. Many people think it’s not possible to race at your peak and lose fat simultaneously, but with proper management and use of diet plan for a marathon runner it very much is!

Emmy has lost one and a half stone and has reduced her fat percentage from 38% to 26% in the space of five months. That’s at the recommended, safe and sustainable rate of about 1lb per week. Her diet is written around her training and racing and ensures optimum nutrition and fuelling. Emmy is in her twenties and for her age and sport her ideal fat percentage is around 20%. Fat percentage takes quite a while to reduce and continues to fall even when goal weight is achieved and maintained, if the same style of eating is followed. At 26% Em is going great guns and is uber-healthy!! She is a pleasure to work with as she is fully signed up mentally to her nutrition and her marathon ru ners diet plan, plus she shows a real interest in it.

Go Em!

Hi Sal,

When I was in the last few miles of the marathon yesterday I was trying to distract myself with numbers. Between starting fitnaturally and now – I’ve lost a lot… and all being inches from my body.

I ran Malta in February in: 5.22. I ran Antwerp yesterday in 4.20. That’s an hour and two minutes in a few months. I was trying to work out why this one made such a difference. What made this marathon work? Was it what I ate during? Was it just ‘having a good day’?

It was because of you. The fuelling that you suggested, doing it in the right order and making sure that I was the lean machine I needed to be to run 26.2 miles.

It was suggested by a friend of mine to collate the pictures as I cannot see the change. I wanted to share it with you.

Thank you. Thank you for giving me the possibility of running a 4.20 marathon through good diet and healthy eating. Thank you for being there with my stupid questions and my insecurities. Thank you for making me feel beautiful again.



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