How to make your leafy greens last longer

We’ve all looked in the salad drawers of our fridges and found a packet of something squashed into a corner under a bag of leftover sprouts from that one time you buy them at Christmas.

No more!

Salad leaves and leafy greens

Give your leafy greens and herbs the life they deserve, especially since they prob came from Spain or Egypt at this time of year, by keeping them fresher for longer and using them up in your salads and meals.

Tips to make your greens and herbs last longer 🥬

To extend the life of herbs and leaves that come packaged in plastic lay them in a single layer on damp paper towels and roll them up like a Swiss roll. Then put them back in the plastic wrapper that now has one end open, or in a wax wrap, and store in the fridge.

Another way with herbs is to trim their stalk ends and stand them in a Kilner or lidded jar in a little bit of water. Put the lid on and store in the fridge.

For bags of salad put a folded paper towel into the bag, seal it with a clip or tie and store in the fridge. Transfer them to a container and pop a paper towel in, put the lid on and, yes you’ve guessed it, store in the fridge! This is the best one as the leaves don’t get squashed and bashed!

Even better, eat lots of them so they’re not hanging around!

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