How to lose weight naturally. It’s not about obsession, it’s about living.

Amongst the many diet providers out there, and some vast mainstream diet companies taking the bulk of the weight loss business, sits Nuush; quietly helping people revert to a natural style of eating.

Nuush focuses on how to lose weight naturally through everyday foods, and cooking from simple healthy meal recipes and raw ingredients.

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The lack of a scoring system or questions like “How many calories should I eat in a day” nurtures a very unstressful way of eating. Scoring systems require you to know values, and while calories are printed on labels or pre-packed foods, the scoring systems aren’t, so you need the tools to calculate. But the tools are are only available to members of the diet regime. It’s easier on these regimes to use processed foods that come in boxes or packets, as their ‘nutrients’ and energy all pre-calculated. On the other hand it is a chore to calculate points and calories when you’re cooking from raw ingredients. So we don’t, and you don’t have to either.

Nutrition for YOU

But with Nuush how will you know if you’re eating too much, too little or the right amount? Simply put, Nuush works that out for you; our nutritionists are experienced and knowledgable enough to guide you to eat by feel. You then learn naturally, through practise and repetition, without needing to stress the detail – not everyone wants to be tapping their food type and amount into their phone as they cook and eat, so instead we teach people to get back in touch with their instincts. We set out simple guidelines for portion sizes, using the hand as a measure, or a simple list. After making a few meals like this people get to know by sight and feel how much is right. Our people get back to loving cooking, or even learning to cook an all natural diet plan. So many people these days don’t have the basic cooking skills, and if they don’t have them they’re not passing them to the next generation. We don’t want that, so we’re changing it.

Nutrition for EVERYONE

Nuush transfers real knowledge about food, cooking and eating. Not just a look-up table, but real and useful information about quality ingredients, simple cooking methods and how to put together a balanced diet without spending hours stressing over it. Once you’ve worked with Nuush you have that knowledge for life; you don’t need any props.

Because Nuush doesn’t uphold any ‘system’ or regime it will never go out of fashion. In fact it’s how people would have eaten years ago, when being obese or overweight was rare. What you learn now with Nuush will still stand in ten, twenty, a hundred years. No food group is penalised, no supplements are touted, no special equipment is necessary. Just real food, you, and a cooker. The focus is on balance and inclusion, rather than imbalance and exclusion. The aim is to get a varied and delicious natural diet that promotes enjoyment, great health and wellbeing.

Nutrition for A BETTER WAY OF LIFE

Nuush encourages a love of food but it also nurtures a love of life in-between meals. We teach people to get back in touch with natural hunger, so they enjoy their meals much more and lose that fear of not being close to the next eating opportunity. People’s sense of hunger has become dulled because they never experience it; they say you’re never more than 6ft away from a rat, and the same can be said for food. It’s there in our faces everywhere; on station platforms, in the toothpaste aisle at the supermarket, even at the top of hard-climbed mountains. It’s hardly surprising then that people think about it constantly, and thinking about it leads to wanting it, wanting it excessively leads to addiction. This is made worse by the types of food on offer – fast-release sugary, fatty, salty foods which give the brain a rush of (learned) pleasure but leave it deeply unsatisfied. What we offer instead are a good three meals a day, that keep you full and give you natural taste sensations without artificial additives or enough sugar to sink the Titanic.

Nutrition for LIFE

While both Nuush and other systems will have great short term results with people who are chronically out of whack in eating terms, Nuush’s effects continue into lifelong healthy eating behaviours. Once our clients are in a healthier state of body we don’t want them back; our aim is to ‘fix’ people for life. This differs from mainstream diet companies who rely on failure and returned business. There is no tie-in with Nuush, we’re so confident that people will love our way of eating that we don’t make them sign up for extended periods, but we know they’ll continue because what we offer is special, and life-enhancing. Not just to the people who’ve signed up but to their families too. We change whole families’ eating through our nutritional, simple healthy eating plans.

Measuring up

Rather than focusing on body weight alone we encourage people to measure their fat percentage and waist size, since weight alone is such an unreliable measure and fluctuates wildly. Fat percentage, particularly visceral fat – the stuff stored inside the abdomen around the vital organs – is a key health indicator. It doesn’t always figure that if someone is light or small that they’re not carrying an unhealthy amount of fat. We get people to guage progress by clothes fit, how their body feels and looks and how it performs. It is not the mindset of ‘how many calories should I eat in a day’.

How to lose weight naturally? 80% eats, 20% feets

It’s fashionable at the moment to say that exercise has little effect on fat loss. Not true. Whilst diet has a huge effect on body composition, exercise burns energy and burns fat, unquestionably. For instance, running has a reducing effect on visceral fat, of course combined with a healthy diet. Not only that but exercise improves mood, and mobility, both of which have an effect on eating behaviours. If you’re unhappy and immobile it’s very easy to turn to food for comfort. If you get active, particularly outdoors, your mood will be lifted and day to day energy increased. We encourage everyone to be more active, preferably in green space – nature knows best.

How about price?

Nuush provides a new nutrition plan each week, which follows seasonal food availability and is tailored to specific groups based on current body composition, gender and food preference. Our standard plans, including goal setting and online support costs just £32* a month. There’s no need to buy supporting products such as ready-meals, supplements or equipment and our people save some of the cost of the plans by reducing their food bill, and reducing waste.

Our Personalised Nutrition and Personalised Sports Nutrition services provide customised nutrition plans every week, based on likes, dislikes, social, family and work/life, exercise and sport, and anything else that affects food, for just £50* a week. Again some of that is saved by buying less food and having less waste.

*Price is subject to change and is correct as of December 2020.

Our clients say it best

“Since learning to eat the Nuush way I am full of energy, I look forward to, and am hungry for, every gorgeous meal, I have learned to love my kitchen and cooker again and I’m getting into jeans that have been at the bottom of my drawer for years!”

Nuush – how to lose weight naturally, by nutritionists, for food lovers.

Nuush Nutrition

Learn how to eat anything without eating everything, with a Nuush nutrition plan.

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