Why should you trust Nuush?

A Nuush subscription give you access to a weekly nutrition plan that acts as a springboard for holistic health.

All plans comes with exclusive membership to our online support group where you’ll be coached in nutrition and gentle healthy lifestyle shifts.

Nuush was founded by Sally Pinnegar, a level 4 qualified Nutrition Adviser and Personal Trainer and an undergraduate in nutritional therapy. (Read more.)

Our members have reached their healthy weight* and felt their very best with our simple approach to food, lifestyle and activity, backed up with our hands-on and interactive support.

You’ll learn to love the right amount of gorgeous food, be more active outdoors, relax and reduce stress and better connect with others to support you on your lifelong health adventure.

*If that’s their goal! Lots of members join us to simply eat more healthily using a varied meal plan, written afresh each week, by a qualified nutrition adviser who does all the thinking about nutrientsvitamins, calories and even how to get better sleep!