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Have you been trying to eat more healthily lately and now you’re off on holiday and wonder how you’ll survive it without eating ALL THE HOLIDAY FOOD? Well stop right there please, cos it’s pretty easy to do. No need to come back with an ice-cream tash, a big red nose from drinking too much of the A-word*, and wearing larger trousers.

This all starts with a healthy mindset.

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So then, which one of the following is you?

A) Hurray I’m off on holiday! A chance to drink loads, snack-out bigly, have a massive ice cream every day, try ALL the local puds, go back for thirds at the all-inclusive buffet. GET ME AT IT BABY!

B) Oh no 🙁 A holiday 🙁 This will sabotage my healthy eating 🙁 I won’t be able to say no to a starter and pudding because everyone else will be having them 🙁 I won’t be able to stick to  three meals a day 🙁 This is going to ruin me 🙁 It’s out of my control 🙁 🙁 🙁 There is nothing, NOTHING, I can do. WAAAAAAA!

C) Oh bloody brill, I cannot WAIT to go on holiday, explore the local area, go for walks, maybe try a nice run on the beach, spend time with people I love, do plenty of swimming, absorb the culture, dance the Flamenco every night and enjoy the gorgeous local food in-between all that fun.

I’m sitting here hoping it was C? You know it makes sense.

A holiday is not an invitation to overeat

It’s a time to relax and enjoy life, a time to look after your wellbeing and come back more refreshed and healthy. So start with a positive mindset, a happy and relaxed one. That’s the biggest hurdle over with.

Next is the journey. If it’s a long one you might get bored, you might feel like packing snacks because you’ll be bored. Don’t. No need to deviate from your three meals a day. Starting to overeat on the journey will only get things off to a bad start and you’ll think “Dang it. I already smell of Pringles. I’ve started so I may as well carry on and just deal with it when I get back.” URGH, wrong.

The journey is a time to read or watch a film, or play I-spy, feel your partner’s legs up while they’re driving, or just chat, or sleep (obvs not if you’re the driver) – use it for that sort of stuff instead of Pringling. You’ll be good and hungry for your next meal when you get there, and food tastes so much nicer when you’re hungry. If its a long plane journey you’ll be subjected to airline food, which is obviously ghastly unless you’re extremely rich. The thing to remember about plane food is you dont have to eat it all just cos it’s there, you can leave the horrid bread roll and the funny-looking afters – you are not a waste disposal unit. Lucky for me I’m usually unable to unclench my jaws which are clamped shut with fear…

When you get there (hopefully alive) it’s really easy to follow Nuush’s simple holiday eating guidelines:

  • Eat three nutritious and gorgeous meals a day, or have brunch and a main meal early evening, with some fruit in-between.
  • Either lunch or dinner go carb-free.
  • The main meal should be one main course or two starters. Have pud once or twice while you’re there rather than every day.
  • Have your main meal at lunchtime sometimes and a small meal in the evening.
  • Stick to one glass of alcohol a day, with a meal – if you drink alcohol. Most of your drinks should be fantastic refreshing water. Mmm mmmm.
  • Enjoy the hell out of trying new things.

Told you it was simple.

All the better if you can be as active as possible. Hopefully you won’t have a car.

On the way back avoid buying cheap booze or Guylian chocs or stuffing yourself silly with Cornish pasties til next time. Instead show off your lovely clear and rested skin and a relaxed chocolate-free smile.

Does all that make sense? I just want you to feel FANTASTIC!

Have a lovely holiday then. Don’t forget, if you ignore all this Nuush is here for you when you get airlifted back 😉

Love you.

*Alcohol, otherwise known as ethanol even if it is called Prosecco.

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