Nutrition for Families • free nutrition plan

This is the nutrition plan we wrote for our clients for the week beginning 1 March 2021

We update this free nutrition plan every few months so you can get an idea of how we follow the seasons. Alongside the plan, clients get client-exclusive Food for thought blog posts – articles written to help clients reach their goals and broaden their nutrition knowledge and more. We discuss these in The Hive, our members-only group on Facebook.


Adults can eat later in the morning if they wish, children always need breakfast before school.

Put a jug of iced water on the table with all meals.
Children can also have milk with a meal.
Go for good bread, such as sourdough or bread with as few additives as you can find.


Always with 1-2 pieces of fruit. Add bread if not stated and you would like some.

Get outdoors together whenever you can. Walk to school, walk as a family, keep that garden table out for as long as you can!


Children generally need smaller more frequent meals, whereas adults are good on three meals day (especially toddlers and infants).


Nuush recommends a lovely pudding once a week

Puds are best when you eat a bit earlier, like on a Sunday when you can have a roast at lunchtime, a nice pudding then a walk in the woods together.

Children’s tea

Serve with vegetables or salad. Let children help themselves to food if possible.

Get the children involved in choosing the week’s menu, that way they’ll have some investment.
Write the week’s menu up on a blackboard, like a restaurant at home!

Really quick tea

For those rushed evenings that we all have!

You can always pimp a bought pizza by adding extra veggies and some good mozzarella.
Don’t struggle alone – make it a team effort, someone lays the table, someone cooks someone clears away and someone empties the dishwasher (the someone is not you every time :-))

Family dinners

Serve with vegetables or salad. It’s good to put the veggies and salad in serving bowls so children can get curious and help themselves.

If you have a table eat around it together, with no screens.
Try to eat with everyone there rather than staggering meals for children and adults.
Try a thing where everyone says something nice that happened to them that day.


Slightly less ‘family’!

You can always get the children involved in cooking more unusual things – that’s a great way to develop their tastes.
Maybe try one gourmet option for everyone’s dinner once a week.