Food, fat, fear and feelings

Issues around food and body image are rife and deep-rooted but there is a way out of those feelings.

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Body image

So many people I speak to in the course of my nutrition work at Nuush have food and body image sadness because of experiences in childhood or later on in life with partners and friends. I think most people will have had someone comment on their body or food choices at some point, and many many people will have been deeply affected by that.

And it’s not just females, it’s males too; that’s why Nuush’s support is for everyone, regardless of gender.

Brigette’s story

Brigitte is one of our clients; I didn’t know she was writing this blog piece until I read it online. I must admit I had a few tears of sadness and happiness, just as I do when I come off the phone to our clients so often. It’s a very moving piece that will resonate with many of you and I think sends a message to all of us to be kind and supportive to all people, and non-judgemental.

You can read the piece here and find Brigitte on Instagram here

I feel extremely privileged and fortunate to be able to work with people like Brigitte and so many others to help them to have a good relationship with food. Nuush is not in the business of making people super-thin or giving them washboard abs and you won’t see me flaunting a my midriff on Instagram, more likely a pair of baggy dungarees. Nuush is not about me, it’s about all the wonderful people we look after and nurture back to food and body happiness.

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