Wondering how to lose weight naturally, but eating when bored? 5 things to do instead.

Eating out of boredom

When you’re in the kitchen, subconsciously eating a handful of nuts or grazing on leftovers from the fridge, ask yourself if you’re doing it out of boredom or actual hunger. Being able to distinguish between the two is key when learning how to lose weight naturally.

Mostly it’ll be boredom, so let’s knock that behaviour on the head with some straightforward distration tactics.

  1. Clean your teeth.
    The toothpaste will make food taste funny, plus you’ll have good healthy shiny gnashers!
  2. Have a bath or shower.
    Luxuriate, chill, and smell nicer than you did before 🙂
  3. Clean out a drawer or cupboard.
    Let’s face it, who doesn’t need to do this? By the end of the week your whole house will be organised.
  4. Go for a walk.
    Ten mins out of the door, ten mins back and don’t come back in through the kitchen, or if you do then come back in karate style.
  5. Phone a friend or family member for a catch up.
    You know this is better than a bag of crisps, the person will love you, the crisps will just make your trousers uncomfy.

Don’t get bored – get Nutrition for Everyone plan – and be successful in losing weight naturally.

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