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Feeling good is more than healthy eating

Being healthy involves so much more than just what you eat, yet the focus is solely on diet with so many weight loss regimes. For your body and brain to function well they need good food, activity, sleep and relaxation, and support in the form of friends, community and loved ones.

Why you need more than just healthy eating

If you just eat well but don’t move much, don’t sleep well, are stressed and unsupported then the chances you’ll be unwell are greatly increased. And you can shift all those around and get the same result, so let’s say you sleep well and get enough exercise, if you eat poor quality food, eat too much and don’t sleep well you’re not going to be functioning optimally.

So many diet companies (of which Nuush is not one) focus on restriction rather than lifestyle improvement. They use any means to get people to lose weight as fast as possible and ignore the supporting aspects of the whole lifestyle. When people stop the unhealthy restriction they put the weight back on but now they have disordered eating and have learnt nothing about how to be healthy.

Nuush coaches lifestyle, not just healthy eating. Our core service is nutrition but alongside those we help our clients to think about and improve all the other behaviours that will keep them fully well and allow them to feel good and live better lives

The natural way to feel good

How does Nuush actually do that?

For one thing, Sally, who is fitnat’s Director, is qualified in personal training and nutrition and takes the holistic lifestyle approach when working with clients on a daily basis.

Our nutrition plans always have an educational section covering topics such as sleep, meditation, simple activity and the power of people; we call it ‘Food for Thought’ and you can read some of those articles here on our website. A perk of joining Nuush is that many of these articles remain client-exclusive.

We also run a Facebook support group that all our clients can join at no cost. The group provides regular learning modules that clients can read and ask questions about, and tick off when they’re done; a bit like taking a lifestyle training course.

People talk about the changes they’re making, ask questions, share stories and photos, and support and motivate each other; in other words, fitnaturally provides a supportive, educational and caring community to complement real life human relationships.

Some of our plans come with one-to-one support where people feed back to us daily and we help them with bespoke lifestyle and healthy eating advice; this is a fantastic way to really get to the nitty gritty of people’s behaviours and help them make gradual and lasting healthy changes.

Nourish . Move . Restore . Connect

These are the four elements that we think are vital for good health and happiness.

Nourish: Eat mostly real food, eat a wide variety of food and eat intuitively to find your body’s natural balance.

Move: Be active every day. Walk, take the stairs, carry shopping, run, cycle, swim, anything that gets you moving more.

Restore: Sleep more, sleep better, relax, recover, reduce stress.

Connect: Regularly spend time with loved ones and friends, eat together at the table whenever you can, learn from others, help and teach others, feel part of a caring community and, importantly, connect with nature.

Nourish move restore connect

Living better doesn’t have to be complex

We help people make small and enjoyable changes, changes that make them feel good, intuitively. We help people to simplify healthy eating and exercise and get back in touch with the things their bodies thrive on – good food, movement, relaxation and human relationships. It feels good, it feels happy and, importantly, it’s sustainable.

Making healthy lifestyle changes, naturally

It can feel worrying thinking about changing the way you live but I promise you once you take that first step you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner. Health and life are your most precious possessions; it feels good to eat great food, get plenty of sleep, relax more, put your phone down and spend time with others. It’s what nature intended but most people have forgotten in this crazy modern world.

Nourish • Move • Restore • Connect

The natural way to feel good.

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Thank you for reading this article. Please note that while we share a lot of awesome information and research you should be aware our articles are strictly for informational purposes and do not constitute medical advice intended to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease.

Cover photo by Aaron Burden from Pexels.

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