Energy values of oils and fats

Sometimes it’s the small things that we overlook that add up to not achieving body fat loss.

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Energy values of oils and fats

Olive oil

Let’s take olive oil as an example but this applies to all fats.

While olive oil is full of beneficial nutrients, and is the boss of all oils, it’s still pure fat. A tablespoon of any oil is roughly 130 calories – remember that Nuush doesn’t calorie count for various reasons but it’s good to have a rough idea of relative energy values and requirements.

It’s easy to tip the bottle up over your salad or into the frying pan and easily tip out 3-4 tablespoons – and bang you have 390-520 calories straight away! Or about a quarter of your daily energy needs. People’s needs vary but again I just want to loosely demo this point.

All fats are 9 calories per gram, where carbs and proteins are 4 calories per gram. Despite what the high fat brigade say it’s fairly common sense that eating fat is an easy way to store more fat. If someone was ill and you wanted to build them up, you’d likely add more fat to their food for an easy win.

Nuush advocates good fats like olive oil and a bit of butter – so it’s about having the right amounts of good fats in your diet, not a high fat ‘diet’.

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