Eating is not dieting: discover our healthy eating plans for weight loss

What makes Nuush different to mainstream diet companies is that it’s not a ‘diet’ that you start and finish. It’s a lifestyle and a learning, loving growth experience that enriches not just your life but that of those who are influenced by you.

We provide healthy eating plans for weight loss and long-term health.

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Eating is not dieting

Good health

When you join fitnaturally you become a messenger for good health, without even trying. I’ve seen it happen so much – occasionally I meet some clients, and when I do I quietly watch and listen as they exude a newfound love of good eating and health, and are such wonderful, enthusiastic advocates and examples of it.

Whilst we do give our clients specific meals to choose from, albeit they make the choice and it’s important that they’re given choice, we don’t mire them with calorie counting, points or lists of nutrients, because that’s not real life, and it detracts from the enjoyment of eating.

Eating is one of life’s wonderful warm pleasures. It’s joyful.

Our aim

We want to give you amazing and fulfilling feelings for food, to help you learn through the senses; from reading and talking about it, to touching and smelling it, to buying it, to cooking it, to tasting and eating it, and to sharing it; even to growing it. When you then start to pass on the love of good food, we have achieved.

Eating well is about pleasure as well as health, better health comes through eating delicious fresh produce, lovingly cooked.

Along the way you’ll learn so much with us. You’ll learn enjoyment and moderation; to eat less but better. Our healthy eating plans are designed for weight loss and then maintaining the healthy eating learned.

Food for foodies

None of us are born with a preference for cake and fast food. It’s learned through experience. What we do is give you positive experiences with great food and teach you how to actually prefer it, how to overlook all that processed food that shouts at you from every street corner, not just overlook it but not even notice it’s there.

That’s why our Nutrition for Everyone plan is not a quick temporary fix like other diets; it’s a lasting one that takes a little while; it’s like learning to walk or ride a bicycle – we practise, we fall over, we keep trying because it’s fun, and eventually we do it without thinking.

Our aim for you with eating: Learn it, love it, live it.

Nutrition for Everyone

Add more life to your years with a beautiful, healthy Mediterranean-style diet.

Italian bread salad recipe

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