Eating is joyful with our healthy meal recipes

Are you fed up with reading and hearing about what you can’t eat? Hearing anxiety-based stories of demon foods such as potatoes, rice, pasta and dairy products?

I’m sure you are, which is why you follow Nuush!

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Eating is joyful

Real food

When friends ask our people what they eat they can delight them with stories of real food from healthy meal recipes and tell them of their love of food and cooking. Not what’s healthy or unhealthy but what is delicious and real! Not how many calories are in something, nor what set of nutrients it offers, but what delights the taste buds and nourishes the body without any stress or scaremongering around it.


Eating should not be joyless, but joyFUL. Think about food, yes. Fret about food, no. ‘Eat less but better’ is a very simple strategy to enrich and guide your food-life.

Food is such a great pleasure, and with fitnaturally’s healthy meal recipes you don’t have to give up butter, cream, steak, pizza, mashed potatoes with milk and butter, or delicious real bread. You can enjoy the hell out of them in amounts that are good for your health.

Follow your natural instincts; if something has additives or wild health claims you’ll be better leaving it on the shelf. Opt for foods you can pick up and smell and feel, not ones hidden inside boxes or jars. Eat proper home-cooked food, it doesn’t have to take long and the act of cooking can be relaxing and distracting.

The way you eat should never be a punishment, but a delight. You have three opportunities every day to have an intimate relationship with gorgeous food. Savour every one of them, give them all the time and attention they deserve.

Get a gorgeous weekly meal plan

Don’t stress the details about eating well because a plan from Nuush gives you all the nutrition you need each week; all you need do is shop, cook and eat, and enjoy the results.

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