Eat naturally, live calmly

We tell our clients that it’s important not to think of the Nutrition for Everyone plan as being ‘on a diet’.

Diets tend to have start and finish points whereas Nuush is a way of life for always. For that reason it has to be pleasurable and free of worry and obsession.

Best diet

Our plan gives you three really good delicious meals a day; three points every single day to savour delicious food and enjoy preparing and cooking it with love. Because we’ve done the planning for you it simplifies your life and you can get on with living for the rest of the time, safe in the knowledge that you’re eating what your body needs.

While you can weigh-in if you want to, it’s not compulsory. Most people know if they’re overweight or underweight or just right. Certainly long-term we don’t encourage regular weighing; you should reach a sweet spot where everything just comes naturally and you feel healthy and happy.

You know when you look at social media and see all the green smoothies, chia seeds, avocados, sugar-free meals and sweet potatoes (ironically), and the #cleaneating or #dairyfree hashtags?

That’s not Nuush and never will be.

It’s craziness that can push people towards obsession.

We just want you to love food and be naturally healthy.

We’re not aiming to get you skinny or for you to have a six pack, or look ‘ripped’, we want you to have a good strong heart and for the inner-workings of your body to be the best they can be, so you can live a longer and more healthy life.

Another big aim is to give you a happy natural relationship with food and eating.

So if you’re worrying about this or that to do with your eating and your body take a step back, trust our plan, trust us, we have your best interests at heart and we always will.

Deep down we all know what’s good for us despite all the stuff we read in the media. We’ve evolved to know how to look after our health. Sadly, our current society is trying to drown that instinct.

Nuush is the way to reconnect with your senses.

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Cover photo by Simon Migaj from Pexels.

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