Don’t have it in the house!

Are you trying to lose weight but you have a sweet tooth, or a crisp tooth or a wine tooth or a toast tooth or a cheese tooth or a cereal tooth? Or for that matter any other ‘tooth’ that leads you to overeat certain things.

Don't have it in the house!

Temptation Food – If you’re not meant to eat it don’t have it in the house!

Instead of not buying that thing, you think you’ll be able resist the temptation, so you keep whatever it is in the house for visitors, workmen, your children, your partner, next door’s cat. But you’re unable not to eat or drink whatever it is, right?


Take me. I love crisps ❤️❤️

If I could choose my method of leaving this planet it would be by eating 300-500 bags of crisps without coming up for air. Crisps are my joy, my dream food, my utter utter pleasure. So do I buy crisps for visitors, workmen, my partner, child or the cat?

Asif. I ain’t that daft.

Those crisps would be gone. I’d just have a few every time I boiled the kettle or while I was making dinner, or late at night when I was tired, or if I felt stressed/sad about something, or with a sandwich. In fact, none of those other people would get a look in. I would be full of crisps and I would be fat. That’s the bottom line.

If you don’t need that stuff, no one else needs it either.

If three meals a day is good for you, it’s good for everyone else. If they fancy a biscuit when they visit they can pop down the corner shop and buy themselves some and take them home after. Likelihood is they won’t but they’ll still have a lovely time visiting you.

Resisting Temptation. If you can’t stop, don’t shop.

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