Do you need three meals a day?

We’re all conditioned to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. And now we’re starting to get conditioned to snacking in-between as well.

It’s no wonder obesity is at epidemic proportions.

Do you need three meals a day?

People have generally lost touch with real hunger and head straight for the breakfast things as soon as they wake up, or they eat a big dinner because that’s just what they do at 7:30pm every night.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

We do build our Nutrition for Everyone plans around three meals a day and no snacking, but we also encourage our clients to try brunch and dinner when their schedules allow. That’s usually at weekends when they get up later and can make meals at their leisure. We get them to try the brunch and dinner approach, having a decent brunch late morning then a late afternoon or early evening main meal.

Get properly hungry again!

It’s very good to give the body a chance to be properly hungry for a meal and it helps to reset that panic that people get about being more than 3 hours away from the next food experience. It’s also really good for giving you more time to live your life and go outdoors for a nice long winter walk.

Give it a try sometimes!

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