Diversify your veg intake

The mainstay of a healthy diet is a wide range of vegetables, and some fruit. Meat and protein are, or at least they should be, the side dishes, rather than the main attraction.


Vegetables provide an enormous range of nutrients, as well as fibre to help with digestion and transit of food through the gut – they help look after your intestines and they play a crucial role in good health.

It’s easy to get stuck in a vegetable rut, and supermarkets don’t always help by promoting a fairly limited range of veg. Most people eat peas, broccoli, carrots, onions, peppers and the usual things, but they eat them week-in-week-out, year-in-year-out.

Four ways to eat more different vegetables. 

  1. Choose two or three (or more) different vegetables each week, something you didn’t eat the week before.
  2. Follow the seasons more, keep up to date with what’s good in that particular month.
  3. Try stir frying a good range of vegetables rather than boiling a couple of kinds.
  4. Same with salad, add blanched veggies such as asparagus, broad beans, runner beans, vary your lettuce type, add colourful items, check our colourful salad ideas.

Our Nutrition for Everyone plan includes a wide range of vegetable options. Our clients are free to choose between our meat, veggie, or veggie and fish meals at any time. It’s easy to try a week of vegetarian, another week of veggie fish and the next week the meat plan (unless you’re a veggie of course!) that way you’ll increase your repertoire of veg-based meals, and they are all scrumptious – of course, cos we chose them!

Get proper gorgeous veg options with our nutrition plans.

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