Debunking diet myths

“Eat fat/don’t eat fat.”
“Eat carbs/don’t eat carbs.”
“Fast for two days a week/graze on six meals a day.”


No wonder people get confused about how to stay healthy when there are so many conflicting regimes around.

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It’s quite simple…

Just eat the right amount of natural food for your body and stay active.

Let’s look at some common myths

There’s no such thing as a superfood. Some foods are high in certain nutrients but it doesn’t make them super, it just tends to make them very expensive. It’s a combination of a wide variety of good food that makes a wholesome diet.

We have the most efficient detoxifying apparatus in the universe. Our whole body! The liver in particular, but the whole body is designed to keep out or eliminate nasties. No amount of aloe gel or green smoothies can compete with it.

Drinking a smoothie is no better than eating whole food, in fact it can be worse because blending food into a smoothie breaks down its fibre and denies the body the benefit in doing so. In the case of fruit smoothies it means people consume far more sugar in one hit than they would if they ate a piece of fruit or two.

It’s virtually unheard of for anyone to have protein deficiency in the western world. It’s more likely that people are eating too much protein. We certainly don’t need to be adding protein powder to anything, all food has an element of protein.

Whole carbs aren’t damaging. They give us energy and fibre, vitamins and minerals. We’re designed to use them to good effect. Overeating carbs, or eating poor quality carbs is where problems start. As with overeating any food, by definition it’s not the way forward.

Vitamin pills and supplements
Real food, as you get with a Nutrition for Everyone plan, comes packaged with complementary nutrients, i.e. one component helps the absorption of another. You get a fantastic range of vitamins and minerals from the variety and quality of food in your plan. Taking pills without having been diagnosed with a deficiency can do more harm than good and put other nutrients seriously out of balance.

Eat intuitively with Nuush

We give people a framework of great food, from all food groups and with huge variety. This is a basis for learning, and layering on, more intuitive eating and other healthy lifestyle changes, with our support.

We don’t lock you in to a system.

We educate you, helping to reset your eating and find your natural sweet spot when it comes to weight and overall health. We do this for all our clients through our online community as well as one-to-one with clients who need more direct support.

We don’t want you to diet, we want you to love living.

“Misunderstanding is generally simpler than true understanding, and hence has more potential for popularity.”

Raheel Farooq

Do you want better health?

The Nutrition for Everyone plan will help you maximise the essential nutrients your body needs for robust health.

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