Cookie Policy

Updated: 28 March 2020

Like most websites and apps, we use cookies.

A cookie is a text file containing a small amount of data which is downloaded to your computer when you visit our website.

We use cookies in conjunction with Google Analytics to collect anonymous information about how visitors use our site. This helps us make sure our site meets the needs of our visitors and identifies where we can make improvements.

We do not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information about you. We will never share any data we collect through our use of cookies to any third parties save in accordance with any laws or other binding regulations.

We do not use any third-party cookies or track you in any way when you browse other sites.

Don’t want our cookies?

You can turns cookies off in your browser settings. How exactly you do it depends on your browser or phone settings. Read the ‘Help’ section on your device or search for ‘How to block cookies’ and add the name of the browser.